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Details for skills and chosen Arena opponents needed.

Nightmare enterance

Nightmare's league entrances before the Hero Mode removal.

Nightmare Dungeon (나이트메어 던전, naiteumeeo deonjeon) is a PvP game mode added to the Korean game version on 19th March 2016, and to the Global version on the 1st Febuary 2017, as an addition to the Honor Gorge.
Despite its PvP alignment, it confronts the player with modified and fully AI controlled Arena participants. Additionally, its reward pattern and general design can be compared to the Tower of Validation.

Game Mode

Nightmare Honor Gorge location

Participation RequirementsSwordright

In contrast to other modes which are usually unlocked upon reaching level 10, Nightmare only allows characters with the current maximum level to enter the game mode. The requirement increases with each level cap, starting from the original 102.

The requirement for players to be chosen

Lobby and PartySwordright

Nightmare lobby

A party is made up of 1 Character + 4 Allies and an optional Helper. The team must not be filled to attend the mode.
In Buster league, players can equip Keys but are not required to, whereas in Hero league no Keys are allowed.

In the preparation panel on the right side of the screen, the player can choose his [[#Nightmare Skills|]], assign his party and view his Combat Power.
Nightmare's Combat Power is assumed to be calculated by the ATK and offensive stats of the player's party.

In the left panel, the mode will display information and acquired rewards of floor opponents that the player has defeated. No information or player will be displayed when the floor has yet to be reached.


The Nightmare tower descends downwards and consists of 7 underground floors. In the Korean game version that number was n 10 [1], which was later decreased to the amount that the Global version received on its first launch.
Players always start from the first floor regardless of previous clears.

Nightmare SkillsSwordright

The player can purchase a consumable "Nightmare Skill" before attending the battle.
Only one skill can be chosen and its usage is limited to one charge per attendance. The purchase consumes 50.000 Gold rendered.

Kr patch nightmare skills
  • Increase ATK increases the ATK by ()% for () seconds.
  • Invulnerable (All) makes entire allied party, including the Helper, invincible for () seconds.
  • Revive (All)


Each Nightmare floor only grants rewards once per week/season. The game mode and rewards reset every Wednesday 12.00 AM and a new season starts after 10 minutes.

  • Chests (Wooden~Gold)
  • Coin Pouch
    • grant a random amount of ranking coins.

The Global game version already seems to feature the rewards that were initiated with the Hero Mode removal in the Korean game version.

Global rewards have not been confirmed yet
Floor Rewards Comparsion KR
1 2x Bronze Chest
1x Coin Pouch
Kr patch Nightmare hero merge rewards list
2 2x Bronze Chest
1x Coin Pouch
3 2x Bronze Chest
2x Coin Pouch
4 2x Silver Chest
2x Coin Pouch
5 2x Silver Chest
3x Coin Pouch
6 2x Silver Chest
4x Coin Pouch
7 2x Gold Chest
4x Coin Pouch
Title: Hell's Knight


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