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Hero Form
I and the sword are one. Do you think you can break me?
The Blademaster
Orc Warrior Ackard
Orc Warrior Ackard
Azur's father Ackard, known as the Blade Master, was a legendary gladiator who disappeared.
Role DPS
Main Longsword
Offhand Longsword
Main Attribute STR
Skill Effect Cooldown
Normal Attack Increases DEF Penetration
(Active 1)
Soul-Splitting Sword
Always approach a battle with discretion.

Inflicts 613% damage and stuns 12 sec.

21.9 sec
(Active 2)
Ultimate Blow
An Orc's Sword is a sword of will and soul. That will and spirit unleashes an ultimate blow.

Inflicts 720% damage.

16.4 sec
(Active 3)
Wind Sword
Musters up every ounce of will in the body until you're swept up in a gale force that wipes out the battlefield.

Inflicts 257% damage on all enemies.

23.0 sec
(Passive 1)
Ultimate Spirit
The one who rules the battlefield rules the battle. Allies are filled with newfound strength.

Increases entire party's ATK by 13% of base ATK.

(Passive 2)
All-Slash Power
Armed with the power to cut down anything, nothing stands in the way of an orc.

Penetrates the enemy's DEF up to 17.

Additional Information
  • Ackard considers himself to be the rival of Draco Greysoul. He has challenged the Quinque Draco to a duel 20 times before and each time, Ackard has lost against him.
  • He challenges the player to a fight in the ninth stage of Hermit Lake while proceeding through the storyline for the first time.