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Exalted Form
Exalted Emblem
Information Skills
Overlord Ann Bonny raw Active skill
Overlord Ann Bonny a1 Overlord Ann Bonny a2 Overlord Ann Bonny a3
Active 1 Active 2 Active 3
Passive skill
Overlord Ann Bonny p1 Overlord Ann Bonny p2 Overlord Ann Bonny p3
Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive 3
Enhance skill
Overlord Ann Bonny p4 Overlord Ann Bonny p5 Overlord Ann Bonny p6
MAX Passive ULTIMATE Passive ARCH Passive
Overlord Ann Bonny p7
Infinity ability Lv.1 values
Empty icon Empty icon Empty icon
The Eternal Looter Infinity ability 1 Infinity ability 2 Infinity ability 3
Class Element Role Specialty Lv.1 values
Priest emblem
Healer role
Overlord Ann Bonny char
(Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged) Damages and Stuns one enemy. Specialty
Specialized content Recommended skill card Lv.1 values Gaia Weapon
Overlord Ann Bonny Gaia Weapon
Gaia weapon name
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