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Overlord Ban 
Blazing Sword
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Resource BarSword Energy (4)

Release Date GL 08.May.2018Release Date KR21.Sept.2017

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Korean Name   Lore Desc.
  Overlord Ban is the leader of the Seven Solarians, and their strongest swordsman. Wielding two crimson swords. he challenged and defeated over 100 Erebos to save his allies when they were in danger of being annihilated. The missions he tackles each day become the legends of tomorrow.
Weapon & Off-Hand  
Longsword & Longsword  
Main Damage Type   Secondary Unit
PHY / Melee   Nebula
Overlord Ban

Overlord Ban

I'm Ban, Seven Solarian director of the Galactic Special Forces. State your name and business...
Normal Attack Effect
(PHY/Melee/SG) Inflicts damage to one enemy and Debuff defdecreases its DEF by 17% for 6.8 seconds.

Overlord Ban a1 Sting of the Swallow: Verity (PHY/Melee)
Ban's flawless swordsmanship is a sight to behold. He cuts down enemies in one fell swoop.
Inflicts 9200% damage to one enemy, removing all beneficial buffs and Debuff defdecreases DEF by 47% for 13.6 seconds. [Cooldown: 11.8 sec]

Overlord Ban a2 Sting of the Swallow: Phantom Sword (PHY/Melee)
His sword haunts the battlefield like a malicious specter.
Inflicts 4220% damage to all enemies and Debuff stunstuns them for 10.3 seconds. Stunned enemies received 88% increased damage from this skill. [Cooldown: 16.6 sec]

Overlord Ban a3 Sting of the Swallow: Draw Sword (PHY/Melee)
Once Ban assumes the Battojutsu [Trivia 1] position, no enemy attacks can reach him.
Channel a Buff reflect damagecounter-attack stance for 9 seconds. Enemies who attack Ban during this channel are counter-attacked for 10180% critical damage and have all beneficial buffs removed. Ban is immune to all states during this stance and Debuff tauntdraws the focus of all enemies. Also, Ban can not use his Actives or Normal attacks during this and the stance ends after the 4th counter-attack. [Cooldown: 21.1 sec]


Overlord Ban p1 One with the Sword
Anyone who dares to challenge him, once he becomes one with the blade, will cease to exist.
Increase Ban's PHY damage by 228%, allied unit's Buff strBuff dexBuff int Main stats by 120% and Buff sta up STA by 144%. Further increase Ban's PHY damage by 16% per additional enhancement.

Overlord Ban p2 Sword Energy
Not everyone can withstand the intensity of Ban's energy.
Enemies suffer 65% more damage and have 58% decreased Debuff atkAttack Power.

Overlord Ban p3 Sting of the Swallow: Flash of Light [Trivia 2] (PHY/Melee)
Eliminate enemies by striking quick as a flash of light.
While in 'Sting of the Swallow: Draw Sword', each counter-attack grants Ban 1 stack of "Sword Energy". Upon reaching a full "Sword Energy" gauge, consume all stacks and inflict 80% of Ban's Max HP to all enemies. Enemies killed by this cannot revive. Inflicts 3630% additional damage to Buff boss damage Boss-type enemies.
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
The "Slash" gauge caps at 4 hits.

Overlord Ban p4 Dragon Master (MG/Ranged)
Nebula [Trivia 3], the Thunder Dragon, has sworn absolute fealty to Ban for saving its life from certain death.
Randomly calls forth Nebula, who inflicts 5836% damage with an additional 1270% damage for each beneficial buff on the enemy. Enemies hit are Debuff silencesilenced and suffer 83% more PHY damage for 9.5 seconds.
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
This skill hits occasionally (indicated by Nebula's appearance) and silence will be inflicted only if it hits.

Overlord Ban p5 Sting of the Swallow: Advance
The soul of the sword awakens, allowing Ban to reach his true potential.
Increase Ban's PHY damage by 580%. Additionally, increase enemy's PHY damage taken by 141% and reduces enemy EVA by 55%. Also, when counter-attacking with 'Sting of the Swallow: Flash of Light' recover 2 gauge points.
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
"swords" refers to Ban's resource "sword energy".

Overlord Ban p6 Sting of the Swallow: Ultimatum
After counter-striking, enemies hit suffer from 77% reduced Single-Target Attack Power and take 190% more damage. If 'Sting of the Swallow: Draw Sword' kills an enemy, its cooldown is fully refreshed.

Overlord Ban p7 Ultimate Enlightenment
Active Skill Cooldown is reduced by 5%. Increase Ban's PHY Attack Power 160%, Buff sta up STA by 90% and allied unit's PHY Attack Power by 60%. Also, further increase Ban's PHY Attack Power by 72% and Buff sta up STA by 12% per additional INFINITY enhancement. Additionally, 'Sting of the Swallow: Verity now deals an additional 17200% and reduces enemy Debuff atkAttack power by 88% for 13.6 seconds.

Infinity Skills (Lv. 1 values)
Empty icon
Empty icon
Empty icon
Character Skill (Lv. 1 values)
Overlord Ban char
Version Tracker
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    This unit did not receive any balance changes to its skills yet.

  • 1: Read about Battōjutsu here
  • 2: "일섬" is something cool and flashy. Let us know if you know its English equivalent.
  • 3: This skills summons the Nebula dragon. A baby version of Nebula can also spotted in his idle form or on artwork.

Enhancement Costs
The MAX enhancement state, which is reached upon 11 enhancements, unlocks the MAX Passive skill. Further enhancing to ULT (MAX+8) unlocks the ULT Passive skill. Enhancing even further (ULT+5 or ARCH) unlocks the ARCH passive skill.

Enhancement costs are presented in the table below.

Enhance Level Souls T.Essences Stats Gold
Creation 450 150.000.000
+1 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+2 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+3 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+4 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+5 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+6 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+7 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+8 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+9 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+10 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+11 (MAX) 22 1.150 80% 240.000.000
Total (Base to MAX) 192 9.800 700% 1.880.000.000
+12 (MAX+1) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+13 (MAX+2) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+14 (MAX+3) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+15 (MAX+4) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+16 (MAX+5) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+17 (MAX+6) 24 1.150 100% 240.000.000
+18 (MAX+7) 24 1.150 100% 240.000.000
+19 (ULT) 30 1.800 100% 240.000.000
Total (MAX to ULT) 198 9.850 700% 1.960.000.000
+20 (ULT+1) 36 1.800 100% 280.000.000
+21 (ULT+2) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+22 (ULT+3) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+23 (ULT+4) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+24 (ARCH) 50 2.400 120% 320.000.000
Total (ULT to ARCH) 194 9.600 580% 1.440.000.000
Total (Base to ARCH) 584 29.250 1980%
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