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Overlord (패왕, paewang), also mistyped as Overload and commonly referred to as OL or Lords/Kings, is a new type of allied units added to the Korean game version with the SECOND IMPACT patch.

Kr patch guide book r grade

These Allies are R-Grade allies, which feature 8 darkened (as opposed to the standard gold) stars and therefore surpass U-Grade. They are currently the second highest class of units.
Overlord icons, as all feature R grade items, feature a ornamented crimson background, in contrast to the U-Grade's black one, complementing their crimson base scheme.

With SECOND IMPACT, the first Overlord Allies have been added to the game, introducing the Overlord System, which analog to the Transcended System, allows lower ranked allies to evolve into units of the Overlord-Grade.
That Overlord System will be the predominant topic of this article.

Overlord Units feature 3 regular Passives, instead of the usual 2 Passives, and they reach their MAX Enhancement state after 10, opposed to 9, enhancements.

List of Overlord Units by race
Overlord Ban Icon
Seven Solarians
Overlord Kaihen Icon
Hayden's Wings
Overlord Claye Ethel Icon
Ishtar's Armada
Overlord Isilien Icon
Aria De Kassis
Overlord Inhaeri Icon
Four Mights


The creation of Overlords shares many similarities to the old Deify System.

To create an Overlord Unit serveral requirments are needed:

  • Any ARCH enhanced Transcended Unit
    which must share the Class of the desired Overlord
  • 100.000.000 Gold rendered
  • 300Transcended Essence

Players can either select their desired Overlord Unit in the Overlord ally lobby and click the "Descent the Overlord" (패왕 강림) button, in order to be lead to the Transcended ally lobby which then presents the allowed material units for the descent. (img 1)

Players can also choose to visit the desired material for a descent by pressing the "Descent the Overlord" (패왕 강림) button in the Transcended ally lobby instead, which then presents the allowed creations. (img 2)

All materials used for the creation are consumed, including the Transcended ARCH Unit.

Retention Effects involving the lost Transcended will be preserved regardless.
The ARCH enhancement of sacrificed Transcended will continue to count towards Retention effect that have been or are yet to be unlocked.

Race AspectsSwordright

Kr patch suns emblem

Topping the U-Grade consequently allows Overlord-Grade Units to benefit from superior Race or Class Aspects.

  • Can only be revived by R-Grade resurrection skills (e.g. Overlord Chen)
  • Decrease the effectiveness of lower grade instant deaths and hard crowd controls such as Seals, Dazzles and Transmutations
    (Affect chance: 50% from Transcended and 100% from Overlords)
  • Prevents debuffs such as Revive Blocks and Reflects
  • Negate lower grade (negative) Cooldown interfering skills and accumulated damage (eg. from Transcended Bliss Foxy or Transcended King Gram)

Buffs from party members' actives, passives or normal attack effects (of any grade) will still take effect on Overlords.


Kr patch overlord enhancement

Overlords' enhancement window is accessed through the regular "Enhance" (강화) button in the ally lobby.

In order to enhance Overlords, "Souls" of the same Class are required.
The enhancement window automatically selects the allowed Souls. Read the Soul System article for more information about Souls.

Overall, Overlord Unit require the following materials to enhance:

Pressing just "Enhance" (강화하기) will consume resources worth only one enhancement level upwards. By pressing "Auto Enhance" (자동 강화) resources are consumed for the enhancement of that unit until exhausted.

The MAX enhancement state, which is reached upon 10 enhancements as opposed to the usual 9, unlocks the MAX Passive skill. The Vigor Skill is automatically unlocked regardless of enhancement level.

Enhancement costs are presented in the table below.

Enhance Level Souls T.Essences Stats Gold
Creation 300 100.000.000
+1 3 100 20% 10.000.000
+2 3 100 40% 10.000.000
+3 3 100 40% 10.000.000
+4 3 150 60% 20.000.000
+5 3 150 60% 20.000.000
+6 3 150 60% 20.000.000
+7 3 200 80% 40.000.000
+8 3 200 80% 40.000.000
+9 3 200 80% 40.000.000
+10 (MAX) 5 300 80% 60.000.000
Total (Base to MAX) 32 (=160 SSS) 1950 620% 370.000.000
+11 / MAX+1 5 250 80% 60.000.000
+12 / MAX+2 5 250 80% 60.000.000
+13 / MAX+3 5 250 80% 60.000.000
+14 / MAX+4 5 250 80% 60.000.000
+15 / MAX+5 5 250 80% 60.000.000
+16 / MAX+6 5 250 80% 60.000.000
+17 / ULT 8 400 100% 80.000.000
Total (Base to ULT) 70 (=350 SSS) 3850 1200% 810.000.000
+18 / ULT+1 8 400 100% 80.000.000
+19 / ULT+2 8 400 100% 80.000.000
+20 / ULT+3 8 400 100% 80.000.000
+21 / ARCH 12 600 120% 100.000.000
Total (Base to ARCH) 106 (=530 SSS) 5600 1620%