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« This game feature has been removed and will no longer grant any rewards or bonus.
Party Buff

Party Buffs are bonuses applied to the party when certain party requirements are met. These requirements strongly revolve around specific ally combinations in the active party.

These party buffs are also ranked similarly to allies, with the strongest buffs being SSS tier.

It is possible to have more than one party buff activated if more than one set of characters are present in the party. You can find the party buffs page beside the folio page upon clicking on the Allies Button.

It is interesting to note that these party buffs dip into the lore of the game, providing interesting backstories to some of the characters and mastering one party buff can grant 10 rubies to the player. 

Current and Buff List

The party buffs can be toggled to see which ones are active in your party and which ones are not. Try and mix up your party! You'll never know which buffs will come out. 

SSS Party Buffs

Legendary Warriors Immunity +13        

Draco Deathcrown
Draco Blackaria
Draco Greysoul
Draco Bloodwind
Draco Brightspark

The Quinque Draco introduce themselves:
"Back in the day, fire was my game."
"Back in the day, I rode a giant tiger."

Angel's Secret Crit DMG +26

Llywelyn the Fiery
Ravengale the Kind
Gaela the Fallen
Farrah the Healer
Mikaela the Fatal
Fryderyk the Tenor
Kymael the Just

Angels can be crueler than demons. In the very moment of judgement, their actions show no mercy.

Ancient Pledge Critical Rate +10

Storm Bear the Iron Wall
Arrow Trigger
Bliss Foxy

The nine Bodens who have been defending the land of Boden respect each other through the Ancient Pact.

SS Party Buffs

Varman Family STA +4%

Lagner the King of Varman
Lyna the Queen of Varman
Rollo the Princess of Varman

Varman may seem rough and wild to many but he has the warmest and gentlest heart for his family.

One Sided Love Weapon ATK +7%

Dark Mage Pari

Gar's(Grawr) dream is to marry a human girl. I just wish he would learn to respect them a little first
Unforgettable Memory EVA +7
Ranger Kay

Dark Assassin Percy
Dark Swordsman Pagu

Ranger Kay's arrows evade attractive people. Since Pagu and Percy have never been shot, can we assume that they're attractive? 
Honor and... ACC +5
Healer Konfi

Queen Robellia

Konfi's gaze towards Robellia is a story in itself. You can almost hear her heart beating from here! 
A Warrior's Energy STR +10%
Black Dino Tyran

Sorcerer Mer
Commander Azur

If the menace in one's face was a measure of strength, they could have defeated Deathcrown
Brothers Immunity +4
Black Dino Tyran

Pirate King Byron

"You first!" "Oh no, you first!".
They might look scary, but their brotherly love is like none other.
The Wealthy STA +4%
Orc Warrior Ackard

Commander Azur

"Father, I love you!" "My son, I love you!"

Such conversation is rare for this father and son.

Love - Hate Relationship DEF PEN +10
Dark Marble Aeda

Dark Knife Freyd
Dark Swordsman Pagu

A knight searches for powerful opponents in order to grow stonger. But after battling, they start feeling a strange attachment.
Second-in-Command Elf ATK SPD +12%
Dark Arrow Farq

Spark Wizard Ann
Rogue Un
Knight Ari

The agile movement of the Elves are reknowned. They're very dedicated to training as they strive to be the best.
Gnoll and Orc Weapon ATK +7%
Dark Gnoll

Punisher Rar

Do you know the sorrow of being second? They devote everything to be on top because they know only winners are recognized.