Popularity Rankings
Popularity Rankings are an in-game feature that display the most frequently and consistently picked units of any given Game Mode based on the top-100 players of the server.
Recommendeded allies KR

The recommended allies pop up

The following sub-pages of this wiki record all of the top 5 recommended allies for every game mode. The data has been taken from the game itself starting with the release of Chaser Tracy and Bliss Foxy up until now.

The aim of this page is to help with ally planning by showing the most used units in each mode depending on the units released. This way, you can see how the meta evolved, and how long units remained top tier (if an unit does not appear on the page among top5, it might still be a relevant unit, particularly on World Bosses where you use more than 5 units, or in PvP, where several team compositions have almost always been viable).

Please note that the data shown here is only the most used units around the week after a new unit is released, depending on when the pick rates were noted down by the authors. Its does not necessarily match 100% with the meta at that time, nor it will with the global meta. If you have other figures that would be suited in this tab (such as screenshots of the pick rates with their date), we would be glad to edit the page to complete it.