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The flesh and blood of my people fill me with limitless energy.
The Champion Gladiator
Punisher Rar
Punisher Rar
Rar is a famous Orc gladiator. The story of how he single-handedly escaped captivity under 100 human soldiers is legendary.
Role DPS
Main Longsword
Offhand Longsword
Main Attribute STR
Skill Effect Cooldown
(Active 1)
Brawler Blade
There is a code of honor on the battlefield, which calls for everyone to do their best.

Inflicts 728% damage.

13.7 sec
(Active 2)
Heavy Strike
The Brawler Blade will slice through the enemy's soul and body.

Inflicts 448% damage and stuns for 12 sec.

21.9 sec
(Active 3)
Time-Splitting Soul
Orcs will always attack deftly, but they will display impressive speed with a little extra concentration.

Increases ATK Speed by 64% for 26 sec.

38.3 sec
(Passive 1)
Strength to Break the Strong
There is nothing in the world that a true swordsman cannot cut.

Penetrates the enemy's DEF up to 17.

(Passive 2)
Facing the Strong
Respect for the strong does not mean one will surrender. The strong should be battled at full force.

Adds additional 27% damage when battling a boss.