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Heehee. I'll be the last thing you ever see.
The Queen of Envy
Queen Caberra
Queen Caberra
Queen Caberra is cruel and despises all humans. She will do anything and everything to protect the spear of the ancient god, Longinus.
Role DPS
Main Magic Wand
Offhand Magic Orb
Main Attribute INT
Skill Effect Cooldown
(Active 1)
Magic Wave
Deals powerful damage using the power of magic.

Inflicts 300% damage on all enemies.

23.3 sec
(Active 2)
The ability to control magical energy can influence both allies and enemies.

Removes beneficial magic-based buffs from 1 enemy.

6.5 sec
(Active 3)
Lamb Chaos
Mysterious magic turns the entire enemy camp into an area of Lamb Chaos.

Transforms enemy into a lamb for 13 sec and decreases DEF by 35% (55% chance).

35.6 sec
(Passive 1)
Intelligence Boost
The study of magic has naturally increased the level of intelligence.

Increases INT by 15%.

(Passive 2)
Power Attack
Accumulates the energy of nature inside to allow for more powerful attacks.

Increases ATK by 31% of base ATK.

Additional Information
  • Longinus is the name of the Roman soldier who pierced Jesus's side with his spear as he hung on the cross. He was later made a saint. His lance is sometimes known as the Lance of Longinus, Holy Lance, or the Spear of Destiny.