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The Quintuple Ascendants (신의 위엄, sin-ui wieom)

They are part of the Exalted Grade system, introduced in the Season 6 patch.

Release Order:

  • 1st Wave : All (18/Jul)

Skill format is as follows:

  • 1-3: Active Skills
  • 4-6: Passive Skills
  • 7: MAX Passive Skill
  • 8: ULT Passive Skill
  • 9: ARCH Passive Skill
  • 10: INFINITY Passive Skill
  • 11: Normal Attack
  • Green indicates recent changes made (either due to buffs/nerfs or reviewed translation)
List of Exalted Units by race
Exalted Firstcrown Icon
Exalted Rok Jin Ragna Icon
Blademaster, and ...
Exalted Pride Icon
Seven Deadly Sins of Corruption
Exalted Isis Icon
Exalted Tiehr Icon
Dark Souls

Firstcrown, the Red King

Exalted Firstcrown Icon Role Mage
Exalted Firstcrown raw
Weapons Wand, Orb
New Mage card
Not yet uploaded by our youtube partner.
It's Burning
Exalted Firstcrown p4 Visit the GL main article Exalted Firstcrown.
  1. Flame Strike (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged)(Active 1)
    Deals 4730% damage to one enemy, adding a 3015% damage over time effect to nearby enemies for 17.6 seconds. This effect can overlay twice and cannot be removed. [CD: 10.6s]
  2. Fire Stigmata (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged)(Active 2)
    Fires 5 flares from Firstcrown's hands. Enemies hit by a flare take 4215% damage. Also, increase your hit points by 2757% per second for 19.7 seconds, and increase Magical-Icon Magical damage by 205%. This effect can overlay twice and cannot be removed. [CD: 13.6s]
  3. Fire Dragon's Ruler (Active 3)
    Summon the Fire Dragon for 23.4 seconds. While summoned, the Buff boss damage of all allied units increases by 936%, overlapping up to two times. Any debuffs applied during the first 7.2 seconds the Dragon is summoned is returned to the original caster. This ability cannot be removed. [CD: 25s]
  4. Flame Dragon Death Star (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged)(Passive 1)
    When Firstcrown critically hits an enemy, the Fire Dragon is summoned and attacks! Eliminates all beneficial effects from enemies, and deals 4770% damage with an additional 3772% continuous damage over 27.4 seconds, the continuous damage can stack twice. Also, for 6.5 seconds, Firstcrown is invulnerable. [CD: 22.4s]
  5. King of Fire (Passive 2)
    Firstcrown's Buff boss damage is increased by 415%. This is increased by 10% per additional enhancement level.
  6. Fire Authority (Passive 3)
    Increase Firstcrown's Buff boss damage in Hellfire Golem by 68%
  7. Fire Dance (Max Passive)
    Increase Firstcrown's Skill Damage by 526%
  8. Dragon Monarch (ULT Passive)
    Upon using "Flame Strike", "Fire Stigmata", or "Fire Dragon's Ruler increase self Magical-Icon Magical damage by 10% for 12.4 seconds. This can be maintained up to 5 times.
  9. Normal Attack (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged) Damage 1 Enemy and reduce it's defense.

Hartz Helsing, the Angel of Hell

Exalted Hartz Helsing Icon Role DPS
Exalted Hartz Helsing raw
Weapons Sword, Sword
New Dual-Wielder card
Not yet uploaded by our youtube partner.
Exalted Hartz Helsing p4 Visit the GL main article Exalted Hartz Helsing.
  1. Harsh Sword (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee)(Active 1)
    Deals 4856% damage to one enemy and applies 1 Cold Seal debuff. [CD: 14.5s]
  2. Explosive Frost Flames (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee)(Active 2)
    Deals 4322% to all enemies and explodes Cold Seals, dealing an additional 2508% damage per seal. Enemies hit by the additional damage cannot receive beneficial effects for 12.3 seconds. This effect cannot be ignored and always hits. [CD: 17.3s]
  3. Chilling Performance (Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged)(Active 3)
    Deals 4788% damage to all enemies and adds 2989% damage per second for 12 seconds. Afterwards, Hartz Helsing has a chance to take enemy beneficial buffs and reduce damage taken by 80%. The effects of 'Chilling Performance' can not be removed, and Hartz Helsing becomes immune to harmful effects. [CD: 20.9s]
  4. Frozen Wings of the Ice Dragon (Passive 1)
    When Hartz Helsing has gathered max Cold Energy, her Frozen Wings can emerge! Eliminates the beneficial effects of all enemies, dealing 4856% damage, an additional 1699% Piercing damage and 2911% damage per Cold Energy. Enemies hit by this are stunned for 7 seconds. For 9 seconds, her attacks can't miss their target. Also, the Piercing damage of this ability is further increased by 90% per additional enhancement level.
  5. Cold-Blooded Dragon (Passive 2)
    When hit, apply a Cold Seal on the attacking enemy. Cold Seals can stack up to 10 times, and increase the enemies cold damage received by 10% for 9.6 seconds. Normal attacks, and 'Harsh Sword', increase Cold Energy by 2. [CD: 1s]
  6. Grim Smile (Passive 3)
    Increase self Buff boss damage by 488%, and Piercing damage by 1270% in Arena. Also, Buff boss damage is further increased by 20% per additional enhancement level.
  7. Incarnation of the Ice Dragon (Max Passive)
    When Heart Hellsing dies, she becomes immortal and attacks enemies with a Cold-Blooded Dragon's power for 12 seconds. While immortal, she gains 100% Attack power and Attack speed and all attacks are critical and do not miss. Enemies killed during this cannot be revived and the death seal cannot be lifted. Upon completion, she regains 80% of her Max Health. [CD: 42.7s]
  8. A Cold Game (ULT Passive)
    Gains an additional 290% Buff boss damage boss damage and 25% attack speed increase.
  9. Normal Attack (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee) Deals damage to 1 Enemy and applies a Cold Seal debuff.

Violet Lisque, the Lion of Paradise

Exalted Violet Lisque Icon Role DPS
Exalted Violet Lisque raw
Weapons Bow, Quiver
New Archer card
Not yet uploaded by our youtube partner.
Exalted Violet Lisque p4 Visit the GL main article Exalted Violet Lisque.
  1. Heavenly Promise (Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged)(Active 1)
    Deals 5573% damage to one enemy and stuns it for 12.4 seconds [CD: 9.2s]
  2. Heavenly Blindness (Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged)(Active 2)
    Five attacks hit random targets, dealing 5006% damage and for 34 seconds, increases Violet's Buff boss damage by 216%, Ranged attack power by 156%, Skill damage by 278%, and Physical-Icon Physical damage by 197%. This effect can overlay twice. [CD: 18.6s]
  3. Heavenly Dragonfly (Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged)(Active 3)
    Removes all beneficial effects of an enemy and deals 5761% damage. It also deals 6287% damage to enemies that have been attacked by Violet Lisque and adds 2460% damage per second for 42.6 seconds, can stack up to 5 times. Attacked enemies receive 638% more Physical-Icon Physical damage and 261% more damage, can overlay 5 times in 42.6 seconds, giving them an additional 2354% damage per heavenly light debuff. For 8.4 seconds after summoning the Light Dragon, Violet Lisque becomes invulnerable, increasing self Attack power by 152% and making all attacks critical.
  4. Heavenly Dragon Skyway (Passive 1)
    Enemies receive 19% more Physical-Icon Physical damage and 17% more Ranged damage. Also, the Physical-Icon Physical damage increases by 1% per additional enhancement.
  5. Heavenly Light (Passive 2)
    When attacking, there is a chance to increase self Attack Speed by 8%, Attack Power by 39%, Physical-Icon Physical damage by 33%, and Buff boss damage by 38% for 24.2 seconds. Also, normal attacks, 'Heavenly Promise', and 'Heavenly Blindness', have the effect of increasing self Ranged damage by 159% for 34 seconds, can overlap up to 10 times.
  6. Heavenly Noble (Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged)(Passive 3)
    When the beneficial effects on Violet Lisque are eliminated, it counter attacks for 3686% to all enemies. This effect also applies to the buff consumption mechanic in World Boss Cerberus. [CD: 2s]
  7. Heavenly Prayer (Max Passive)
    Increase self Skill Damage by 163%, Ranged damage by 92%, and Buff boss damage damage by 126%.
  8. Awakening (ULT Passive)
    Upon using "Heavenly Promise", "Heavenly Blindness", or "Heavenly Dragonfly" increase self Physical-Icon Physical damage by 10% for 12.4 seconds. This can be maintained up to 5 times.
  9. Normal Attack (Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged) Deals damage to 1 Enemy with splash damage to nearby enemies.

Blazeater, the Black Monarch

Exalted Blazeater Icon Role Healer
Exalted Blazeater raw
Weapons Wand, Orb
New Priest card
Not yet uploaded by our youtube partner.
Exalted Blazeater p4 Visit the GL main article Exalted Blazeater.
  1. Abysmal Siphon (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged)(Active 1)
    Drains 30% of an enemies health, restoring 60% of the health drained to allied units. This ability does not work on Boss-type enemies. [CD: 12.4s]
  2. Abysmal Stigma (Ranged)(Active 2)
    For 18.9 seconds, increase allied attack power by 534%, attack speed by 15%, skill damage by 764%, and recover 229% health per second. This damage effects can overlay up to 3 times. [CD: 17.8s]
  3. Abysmal Amnesty (Active 3)
    For 19.4 seconds, a Soul is summoned to participate in the battlefield. All beneficial effects are applied to this soul and this soul acts independently from Blazeater. In addition, the extra Soul becomes invulnerable and cannot be released for 7 seconds. [CD: 32.4s]
  4. Soul Eater (Passive 1)
    When Blazeater's soul vanishes, the party's soul is ignited by the Blood Dragon. Increase allied units Melee damage by 174%, and when the flame is extinguished, allied units receive 20% attack speed for 24.2 seconds. Also, the Melee buff is increased by 5% per additional enhancement level.
  5. Soul Restorer (Passive 2)
    While Exodus is summoned, recover all allied health by 3005%, increase Physical-Icon Physical damage by 655%, and Buff boss damage by 892%. This effect can overlap twice.
  6. Soul Successor (Passive 3)
    Increase Blazeater healing by 60% in The League.
  7. Abysmal Priest (Max Passive)
    Increase Buff boss damage of allied units by 266%. Resurrects a party member who died when 'Soul Eater' or 'Soul Amnesty' was activated. The resurrected party member will be invulnerable for 7 seconds.
  8. Abysmal (ULT Passive)
    Summon a soul clone with 1000% Max HP, and 500% increase in Main Stats. If the Soul Clone receives 15% or more of its Max HP in damage, then only 15% is taken. Also, 'Soul Restorer' when summoned, the ally receives 24.4 seconds increased Physical-Icon Physical damage by 163%, Buff boss damage by 223%. This can overlay twice.
  9. Normal Attack (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged) Deals damage to 1 Enemy or heals 1 Allied Unit.

Blizz the Winter, the White Paladin

Exalted Blizz the Winter Icon Role Tank
Exalted Blizz the Winter raw
Weapons Sword, Orb
New Paladin card
Not yet uploaded by our youtube partner.
Exalted Blizz the Winter p4 Visit the GL main article Exalted Blizz the Winter.
  1. Wings of Flurry (Magical-Icon Magical/Melee)(Active 1)
    Inflicts 4734% damage to one enemy and throws them into the air for 7 seconds (Doesn't work on Boss-types). Instead, boss-type enemies receive 398% increased Magical-Icon Magical damage. Damage increased by 432% when hit by Wings of Flurry. The effects of 'Wings of Flurry' cannot be cancelled. [CD: 12.4s]
  2. Blood Wind (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged)(Active 2)
    Deals 4218% damage to all enemies and prevents them from receiving beneficial effects for 20.4 seconds. Also, increases Magical-Icon Magical damage the enemies receive by 466%. Can overlay up to 3 times. [CD: 18.3s]
  3. Wind Dragons' Windsheer (Active 3)
    Grant a 3442% shield to an allied unit for 29.4 seconds. Allies shielded are granted 814% skill damage, Buff boss damage by 1136%, evasion by 25%, and reduces damage taken by 12%. The buffs, not the shield, can overlay up to 3 times. [CD: 19.7s]
  4. Winter Storm (Passive 1)
    Increases Blizz the Winter's Attack power by 257%, Buff boss damage by 490%, and his normal attacks have a chance to give one allied unit a 3442% shield for 18.9 seconds. Also, the Attack power and Buff boss damage values increase by 15% per additional enhancement level. [CD: 3s]
  5. Whispers of the Wind (Passive 2)
    Increase allied units attack power by 148% and reduces the damage received by 36%.
  6. Conqueror of the Storm (Passive 3)
    Increases allied units immunity during Guild Adventure and Guild Battle(?).
  7. Wind King (Max Passive)
    Increase the Attack Speed of all allied units by 15%, and increase Buff boss damage by 159%.
  8. Feel the Wind (ULT Passive)
    Increase Ranged attack power by 109%, Magical-Icon Magical damage by 109%, and Buff boss damage by 187%.
  9. Normal Attack (Magical-Icon Magical/Melee) Deals damage to one enemy and reduces their attack speed.