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Relics or Artifacts (유물, yumul) are exclusive Accessories for Key Units. They can be only be obtained through the Boreas Raid, Chapter 4's lv. 102 Raid Boss, as one of its premium item drops.

They were introduced to the Korean version in the Chapter 4 patch on April 27, 2016 and to the Global game version on January 4, 2017.


Kr patch relics raid drop

Exclusive to the Boreas raid, they are randomly available as a reward from the raid chests and the purchasable extra chest. They drop with the rate of an SSS and SS item, although slightly rarer than normal equipment. The player can also purchase a SSS Relic in the Raid Shop for 30 Boreas essence. As they are accessories, they will not stack in the player's inventory.

There are two types of Relics

  • SSS Sacred Artifacts of the Wind (바람용의 신성한 유물, balam-yong-ui sinseonghan yumul)
  • SS Old Artifacts of the Wind (바람용의 낡은 유물, balam-yong-ui nalg-eun yumul) or Storm dragon's old relic

Equipping Relics and Effects

Along with its introduction, Key Units gained the appropriate slots for Relics. 1 slot is unlocked on all Key Units by default and an additional one can be unlocked for 290 Ruby rendered.

Relics are accessories that feature only defensive stats.

  • SSS types feature 4 stats
  • SS types feature 3 stats
Possible stats and maxium roll
Max HP +28826 STA +211
DEF +955 EVA +58.4
Critical Damage Reduction +18.9 Debuff Resistance +47.3
Immunity +76.4

Additionally, SSS types can also feature activated effects from the Magic System. Having exclusive effects, they are activated upon being hit with a (~15% for each piece) chance like the armor pieces from U grade chest pieces.
Note that magic effects cannot be changed in any means possible, may it be through the Magic System or Combine.
Identical effects do not stack.

  • Grants Immunity for 5 seconds
  • Grants a Paladin Shield with 500% strength for 10 seconds
  • Grants 20% Reflect Shield for 5 seconds
  • Recovers 5% HP every second for the next 5 seconds
  • Removes all debuffs from self
  • Inflicts a Blind debuff on the attacker for 10 seconds
  • Inflicts a 200% damage over time debuff on the attacker for 5 seconds
  • Inflicts a Silence debuff on the attacker for 10 seconds
  • Inflicts a Stun debuff on the attacker for 5 seconds (extra chance?)

Enhancement and Jewels

Relics are unique accessories in the fact that they can be enhanced, but only with other relics. In addition, each relic has a singular Jewelry slot that can be unlocked for 49 Ruby rendered.

  • SSS types
    • can be enhanced up to 8 enhancement levels
    • as material grants 100% success rate to a SSS relic
  • SS types
    • can be enhanced up to 7 enhancement levels
    • as material grants 50% success rate to a SSS relic