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Kr patch buying buffs

Korean example of a open shop, featuring Messenger Shabelle as the shop keeper.

Shabelle's Sanctuary (샤벨의 성소가, syabel-ui seongsoga), Shrine of Shabelle or commonly called Shabelle's Shop, is a temporary feature that allows the player to purchase Event Buffs during specific times a day. It was introduced to the Korean game version in the 7th July, 2016 Patch for a limited period of time as a special Event.
The Global version received it for the first time in the 28th Febuary, 2017 Patch, as a one week Event.

Buying Buffs

Available TimesSwordright

Shabelle's Sanctuary Lobby Icon

The shop will only appear during Event periods, which will be announced in regular patch notes beforehand. The Event periods usually span over one or two weeks.

When available the shop can be found in the player lobby on the left side rail once it opens, indicated by its own icon. It will only appear and be avaible during specifc times during the day.
While the Korean version initially featured four time periods and was reduced to three periods in later versions. With the Global release, the time periods align with Korean's latest schedule

Shabelle's Sanctuary Schedule
11am 3pm 7pm

Avaible BuffsSwordright

Once available, the player will be offered three buffs. The presented buffs have assigned sets that change every four hours, with different presets for weekdays and weekends.
The shop cannot be refreshed at will.

Avaible Pool
Shabelle's Sanctuary Buff Icon+25% Enhance Rate upon Equipment Enhance Failure Shabelle's Sanctuary Buff Icon+25% Enhance Rate upon Ally Enhance Failure
Shabelle's Sanctuary Buff Icon+50% Essence Drop Rate
(Said to interfere with the normal rate)
Shabelle's Sanctuary Buff Icon+50% Jewel Drop Rate
Shabelle's Sanctuary Buff Icon+50% Dungeon Item Drop Rate Shabelle's Sanctuary Buff Icon+50% Dungeon Ally Drop Rate
Shabelle's Sanctuary Buff IconAdditional Helper Time
(to be confirmed whether limited to Adventure)
Shabelle's Sanctuary Buff IconIncrease Dual Cards upon combine
Shabelle's Sanctuary Buff Icon+100% gained Raid Token/Essence Shabelle's Sanctuary Buff Icon+50% Dungeon EXP
Rates and Percantages (%) have not been released and are derived from the Korean version. Therefore they may be incorrect for the Global release


A buff can be purchased for 100.000 Gold rendered and will then appear with the unique Shabelle's Sanctuary Buff IconIcon in the usual Event Buff bar, located underneath the chat button.
Only one buff from the shop can be pruchased and be active at a time. Purchasing another buff will overwrite the previous buff. Additionally, acquiring buffs that are identical to the usual Server Event Buffs will add the buffs' bonuses together.[Confirmation awaiting]

Purchased buffs will be active for 4 hours at the moment they have been purchased, and they cannot be stored by any means.