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The Shariet (염화의 샤리트, yeomhwaui syariteu) world boss is available weekly on Friday.

No attempts are allowed after 12:00 AM.


The Turtle boss is slightly different from the other two World Bosses. There are different factors for obtaining high scores with your team.
It is noteworthy that this Boss casts a permanent, and non-dispellable DEF reduction Debuff on all members of the party.
In contrast to other bosses, Shariet constantly clears debuffs on itself. This is automated and is not based on one of its abilities.


Varman Family Icon

The Varman Family Icon as seen in the damage results.

The player will fight the Boss accompanied by NPCs that fight with you until they are defeated. These NPCs (3 in total) will aid your side at set intervals over the course of the battle. They consist of the Varman Royal family, Hero SSS Allies, and enjoy boosts of increased HP, damage and DEF properties.
Upon the start of the battle, you will already be supported by Rollo the Princess of Varman who is waiting for you. She carries a battle flag with her and is highlighted by a green aura.
After a certain time, Lyna the Queen of Varman will join the battle, followed by Lagner, the King of Varman, after a longer period.
It is important to note that these NPCs will fight separately from your party and will not take up any Helper or Party slots, nor replace any allies upon their arrival.
NPCs are affected by any auras and skills, but will not be targeted for reviving abilities or shields such as Shabelle's invulnerability shield. Also, the battle will not end until every NPC is dead, even when your party already is. They will only stop attacking once they're defeated, and can also be resurrected.

The key to Shariet is to survive until all 3 NPCs have spawned. Your score will benefit greatly from a longer survival time with all 3 NPCs alive. They deal great damage and can therefore, be a great asset for your DPS output and score.

Rage ModeSwordright

Shariet does not go into Rage mode. The boss gains STR buffs over the course of the battle, which can be removed under special circumstances. The player must delay these buffs by constantly dealing sufficient damage to the Boss. The buff cannot be removed, at this time in this patch.
These STR buffs will increase its tankiness and damage, which will provide a great challenge for your team.
In addition, the Boss will cast a DEX buff upon itself, which represent its "Shariet's Rampage" skill. Read the skill table below for info on that. The buff lasts for about 15 seconds.


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Boss SkillsSwordright

Skill Name Effect Frequency
Normal Attack The fire based normal attacks of this Boss deal AOE damage. (& have a chance to remove buffs?) GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstar
Trample Shariet inflicts damage on 1 enemy. GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarBlackstar
Slap Shariet inflicts damage on 1 enemy. GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarGoldstarBlackstar
Unbearable Pain Inflicts continuous damage on the enemy. GoldstarGoldstarGoldstarBlackstarBlackstar
Pure Rage Damage increases as Shariet is filled with rage. GoldstarGoldstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar
Shariet's Rampage Shariet goes Berserk. ATK SPD increases. GoldstarGoldstarBlackstarBlackstarBlackstar
Not listed Skill
"Restrain" "Seals" 1 enemy for a short period of time.
Skill may only be used upon acquiring multiple stacks of Rage Mode.


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