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Hero Form
Stand back. I am Loki.
Blonde Loki
Shining Sword Loki
Shining Sword Loki
He is the only one recognized by the Orcs as the victor of ancient Azur.
Role DPS
Main Longsword
Offhand Dagger
Main Attribute DEX
Skill Effect Cooldown
Normal Attack Decreases HP recovery amount
(Active 1)
Pontus's Hail
Pontus's endless tsunamis crush enemies.

Inflicts 860% damage.

11.1 sec
(Active 2)
Hurricane Blade
This blade is infused with the destructive power of a tornado.

Inflicts 259% damage on all enemies.

27.7 sec
(Active 3)
Gaia's Blessing
Gaia, the goddess of Earth, blesses the High Elves.

Decreases all enemies' ATK Speed by 20% for 19 sec and increases self's ATK Speed by 40% for 32 sec.

46.8 sec
(Passive 1)
Pegasus's Energy
Accepts the energy of Pegasus for nimble movement.

Increases DEX by 13%.

(Passive 2)
Griffon's Ambush
The Elves have mastered the skills of the Griffons, the longtime friends of the High Elves.

Increases ATK Speed by 28%

Additional Information
  • Loki is named after the Norse god of trickery of the same name.
  • Pontus, Gaia, and Pegasus are names from Greek mythology. Pontus is an ancient sea-god and is the son of Gaia, the goddess of Earth. Pegasus is the name of a winged horse.
  • A griffon (also spelled griffin and gryphon) is a mythological creature that has the head and talons of an eagle and the lower body of a lion.