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The Soul System allows Overlord and Majesty units to Enhance using "Souls" (혼, hon), also commonly refered to as Hon/Horn or Spirits by players.
Souls are "special enegry crystals" created from 5 SSS grade Allies.
They can be compared to the E Allies.

8 Types of Souls exists, representing the eight Classes in the game.

Despite being stored and viewable in the regular Ally lobby, Souls cannot be used for battle, neither in the main party, as Helpers or in the Arch Buster.
They do not consume storage room in the ally lobby, even though they are stored in it.

They were introduced to the Korean game version with the Second Impact patch.

Soul Creation

Normal SSS Allies feature a "Soul" button (혼 제작) (img 1) which grants access the Soul Creation window (img 2).
Any "Soul" button will lead to the same creation window.

The window that opens will feature the creation for Souls of the class analog to the selected SSS Ally's class. For example, clicking the "Soul" button of Dark Knife Freyd, who is a Rogue, will open the creation window for Rogue Souls.

In said window, players can then create 1 Soul of the corrosponding class by selecting and consuming 5 SSS allies of that class from the avaible units presented in the UI, in addition to 10.000.000 Gold rendered, per 1 Soul.

Souls are then added to the Ally Lobby under "Normal Allies" (last tab in the ally lobby).

Soul ExchangeSwordright

Players can also choose to exchange their Souls of one class, to obtain Souls from another class, in case that they are bestowed with too many of one and too little of the other.

In order to convert Souls, players must access the "Soul Conversion" (혼 변환) button, found in the buttons menu of their Souls in the ally lobby. (img 1)

In the opening window, players can then convert 5 Souls of one type to another type using 1 of that type's Soul. The desired soul can be selected with the menu to the right, and will be consumed to turn the 5 Souls into its type.

No further cost other than the 1 Soul is needed. For example, you can convert 5 Rogue Souls into 5 Archer Souls by using a Archer Soul as the catalyst. In total, this results in a net loss of 1 soul.