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The Sweethearts, Blademaster, and ... (신위 연인 검성 그리고, sin-wi yeon-in geomseong geuligo)

They are part of the Exalted Grade system, introduced in the Season 6 patch.

Release Order:

Skill format is as follows:

  • 1-3: Active Skills
  • 4-6: Passive Skills
  • 7: MAX Passive Skill
  • 8: ULT Passive Skill
  • 9: ARCH Passive Skill
  • 10: INFINITY Passive Skill
  • 11: Normal Attack
  • Green indicates recent changes made (either due to buffs/nerfs or reviewed translation)
List of Exalted Units by race
Exalted Firstcrown Icon
Exalted Rok Jin Ragna Icon
Blademaster, and ...
Exalted Pride Icon
Seven Deadly Sins of Corruption
Exalted Isis Icon
Exalted Tiehr Icon
Dark Souls

Rok Jin Ragna,the Twilight Prince

Exalted Rok Jin Ragna Icon Role Tank
Exalted Rok Jin Ragna raw
Weapons Sword, Shield
New Warrior card
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Exalted Rok Jin Ragna p4 Visit the GL main article Exalted Rok Jin Ragna.
  1. Eternal Twilight (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee) (Active 1)
     Eliminates all beneficial effects of an enemy and deals 4370% damage. Except against bosses, for 19.7 seconds reduce that enemies accuracy, evasion , and attack speed by 30%. This effect can maintain up to 3 overlays. [CD: 10.6]
  2. End of Twilight (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee) (Active 2)
     The Prince of Twilight sentences an enemy to death. Deals 4151% damage to an enemy and applies a seal that declares death. The enemy that is given the seal will receive a 313% increase in damage taken and will instantly die after 5 seconds. Enemies killed from the Insta-Kill effect cannot active death skills or self revives. Ignores Immunity, Invulnerability, and evasion. This effect doesn't apply to boss-types enemies. [CD: 13.6 seconds]
  3. Fiery Twilight Wall (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee) (Active 3)
     For 12 seconds, taunt all enemies, except boss-types, and increases his Buff sta up by 400%, reflects 60% of damage taken, and all of Locke's attacks can't miss. While 'Fiery Twilight Wall' is active, increase allied units' (Not Locke) Physical-Icon Physical attack by 170%, reduce damage received by 50%, increase Buff sta up by 400%, and reduce Physical-Icon Physical damage received by 60%. Locke, himself, receives an unremovable effect that regenerates 274% of his health per second for 12 seconds. [CD: 25 seconds]
  4. Twilight's Will (Passive 1)
     Normal attacks increases Twilight Energy by 4, reaching a maximum of 100. Upon reaching full Twilight Energy, consume all energy, thus eliminating all beneficial buffs of the enemy and neutralizing enemy formation effects for 9.5 seconds. Skills activated during the released Twilight can not be evaded and go through state immunity/invulnerability. Also, allied units in a party with Locke have an 27% increase in armor. The armor of all friendly allies increases by 1% per additional enhancement.
  5. Twilight's Dawn (Passive 2)
     When Locke dies, he removes the harmful effects of allied units and grants allied units a 4155% shield that never expires. Allies with the shield have increased attack speed by 100% for 12.4 seconds.
  6. Prince's Elegance (Passive 3)
     In Arena, reduces damage taken by allied units by 20% and Physical-Icon Physical damage by 40%.
  7. Twilight Prince (Max Passive)
     Increases the Twilight Energy normal attacks generate by 12. For 9.5 seconds after 'Twilight', decrease enemy HP by 50%, increases enemy recovery by 50%, and reduces enemy defense by 50%, does not work on Boss-types. Normal attacks during this stun for 2 seconds. Also, while in 'Twilight', Locke himself is invulnerable for 7 seconds and all attacks hit. During this, Locke regains 274% of his health per second for 9.5 seconds. Allied units (Not Locke), during 'Twilight' can not receive critical damage for 9.5 seconds and have an 400% increase to Buff sta up, reduced damage received by 50%, and reduce Physical-Icon Physical damage received by 60%. Locke's attacks during 'Twilight' ignores state immunity and evasion.
  8. The Indomitable Prince (ULT Passive)
    If Locke were to receive damage that is more than 9% of his Max HP, then he will only receive 9%.
  9. Normal Attack (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee) Deals damage to an enemy, with a chance to stun.

Merren, the Gem of the Galaxy

Exalted Merren Icon Role DPS
Exalted Merren raw
Weapons Wand, Orb
New Mage card
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Exalted Merren p4 Visit the GL main article Exalted Merren.
  1. Rose of the Galaxy (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged)(Active 1)
     Eliminates all the beneficial effects of one enemy and inflicts 4257% damage. Also, for non-boss type enemies, block enemy movement for 12 seconds. However, for Boss-type enemies, increase Ranged damage received by 299% and Magical-Icon Magical damage received by 234%. Rose of the Galaxy markings last for 12 seconds and cannot be released and can't be avoided by state immunities. [CD: 20.1s]
  2. Rose Germination (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged)(Active 2)
     Deals 4966% damage to all enemies, increases self Ranged damage by 342%, Buff boss damage by 1290% with an effect that can stack 3 times which increase accuracy by 20% and damage reduction by 20%. Additionally, enemies with "Rose of the Galaxy" debuffs take 3276% damage per second for 34.7 seconds, can stack twice, and non-boss enemies have their normal attacks blocked for 9.7 seconds. Lastly, reduce damage from bosses by 10%, can stack twice, for 34.7 seconds and increase damage bosses receive by 175%. This effect cannot be avoided or released and ignores immunity. [CD: 17.2 seconds]
  3. Fairy Prayer (Active 3)
     For 24.4 seconds, the Magical-Icon Magical damage of all allied units is increased by 102%, Piercing damage by 336%, and Buff boss damage by 285%. This ability can overlap twice. [CD: 15.8s]
  4. Fairy Song (Passive 1)
     Increase the Attack of all allied units by 96% and further increase allied unit attack by 4% per additional enhancement. Also, increase Meren's self Buff boss damage by 447%
  5. Blooming Petals (Passive 2)
     Enemies marked with 'Rose of the Galaxy' debuff cannot be revived. This doesn't work on bosses.
  6. Deep-Rooted Roses (Passive 3)
     Increase Meren's self Buff int by 264%. Also, every 27.6 seconds, when Meren attacks she deals 4966% additional damage to the enemy. Increase the Magical-Icon Magical attack of all allied units in World Boss Golem by 74% for 34.7 seconds, can stack twice.
  7. Galactic Fairy (Max Passive)
     Increases the Ranged damage enemies receive by 256%, reduces enemy defense by 42%, and increases Piercing damage by 80%. Also, now applies 3276% continuous damage when attacking, for 34.7 seconds and can maintain 2 overlaps. Upon applying this continuous damage, Increase self Magical-Icon Magical damage by 383%, Skill damage by 383%, Buff boss damage by 807%, and Piercing by 113%. This can overlap up to 3 times for 34.7 seconds.
  8. Scattered Roses (ULT Passive)
    Increase self Magical-Icon Magical damage by 228% when using 'Fairy Prayer' and increase allied Magical-Icon Magical damage by 35% and active skill damage by 66%
  9. Normal Attack (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged) Deals damage to an enemy and reduces EVA

El Gravis, The Infinite Sword

Exalted El Gravis Icon Role DPS
Exalted El Gravis raw
Weapons Wand, Orb
New Incanter card
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File:Majesty El Gravis p4.png Visit the GL main article Exalted El Gravis.
  1. Blood Island (Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged) (Active 1)
     Removes all beneficial effects from an enemy and increases damage done by 40% of the enemy's Max HP - doesn't work on Boss-Type. Increases the Blood Pledge gauge by 15, up to 100, giving 4639% damage Boss-Type enemies. Those hit will receive 282% more Physical-Icon Physical damage for the next 12.4 seconds, which can overlay twice. [CD: 8.6s]
  2. Call of the Blood Sword (Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged) (Active 2)
     Removes one beneficial effect from the enemy and deals 4322% damage. For 24 seconds enemies hit will receive 220% more Ranged damage, 94% increase from Physical-Icon Physical damage, and have reduced Accuracy for 12 seconds (blind doesn't work on Boss-Types). This effect cannot be cancelled. [CD: 15.2s]
  3. Call of the Emerald Sword (Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged) (Active 3)
     Removes one beneficial effect from the enemy and deals 4218% damage. For 12 seconds, enemies will receive 30% of their attack power everytime they attack (doesn't work on Boss-Types). Also, increase allied Physical-Icon Physical attack power by 632% and attack power by 75% during the duration. This effect cannot be cancelled. [CD: 17.4s]
  4. Blood Sword Summoning (Passive 1)
     Summons an untargetable Sword of Blood upon entering battle.
  5. The Power of Blood (Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged) (Passive 2)
    When the Blood Pledge gauge hits 100, the gauge is consumed for 8 seconds, and the Blood Sword splits into 5 swords, which randomly hit all enemies, removing all beneficial effects and causing 2107% damage. While channeling, every time an enemy is hit gain a beneficial effect that increases damage by 10%, attack speed by 5%, and Buff boss damage by 33%, stacking up to 20 times. This effect is held for 24.4 seconds and cannot be cancelled. For every additional Enhancement, further increase the stacking damage by 10% per additional enhancement. Gravis is immune to conditional effects and receives 80% less damage while channeling the Blood Pledge.
  6. Blood Seal (Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged) (Passive 3)
     When the Blood Sword gets a critical hit, it will randomly seal one of the enemy's active abilities for 7 seconds, except against Boss-Types. Also, will reduce that enemies attack speed by 50%. [CD: 10.6s]
  7. The Polearm (Max Passive)
    During Blood Island, increase Blood Pledge gauge by 25 for 12.4 seconds and increases Buff boss damage by 514%, overlapping up to two times. Also, the duration of 'Power of Blood' is increased to 12 seconds and all attacks have 100% accuracy during 'Power of Blood'.
  8. Crimson and Emerald (Ult Passive)
     When attacking enemies affected by 'Call of the Blood Sword', reduce your enemies armor by 22% and increase their damage received by 96%. Also, enemies affected by 'Call of the Emerald Sword', now receive 50% of their attack power everytime they attack. 
  9. Normal Attack (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee) Deals damage to One(1) enemy and reduces attack speed.

Erchen, The Ghost Gladiator

Exalted Aeruhen Icon Role DPS
Exalted Aeruhen raw
Weapons Sword, Sword
New Dual-Wielder card
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File:Majesty Aeruhen p4.png Visit the GL main article Exalted Aeruhen.
  1. Geom Bash (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee) (Active 1)
     Removes 1 beneficial effect from one enemy and deals 5573% damage. Except for Boss-Types, the enemy is blown into the air for 12 seconds and leaves the battlefield. Boss-Type enemies receive 193% and all attacks are critical hits. This effect cannot be removed. [CD: 12.3s]
  2. Geom Strike (Physical-Icon Physical/Ranged) (Active 2)
     Eliminates one beneficial from an enemy and deals 5006% damage and 2503% Piercing damage. Except for Boss-Type enemies, those hit cannot use a resurrection skill for 9 seconds, and those suffer a critical hit will also be stunned for 4 seconds - unremovable. Deals 98% Physical-Icon Physical damage and 58% Melee damage to Boss-type enemies for 9 seconds. Enemies cannot release use death passives or self-resurrects. [CD: 17.4s]
  3. Asura Slash (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee) (Active 3)
     Eliminates all beneficial effects on enemies and deals 5573% damage and 2786% Piercing damage, also consumes all Sword Debris dealing an additional 2508% damage to all enemies. [CD: 24.4s]
  4. Sword Scar (Passive 1)
     Normal Attacks, 'Geom Bash', 'Geom Strike', 'A3', will increase the Debris Gauge by 7. When the gauge reaches 100 stacks, it consumes all stacks and grats 100% accuracy for 10 seconds, also increasing attack speed by 50% and attack power by 200%. During this, Erchen becomes immortal, and 80% of his Max HP is restored when immortality is over. When a Normal Attack or 'Geom Bash', 'Geom Strike', 'A3', hits add 1 to the Debris gauge. Upon striking the enemy, apply 1 sword wound for 19.4 seconds to the enemy, reducing armor by 3% per wound. Up to 20 wounds can be maintained and can't be removed.
  5. Ghost Pressure (Passive 2)
     Reduces enemy attack speed by 1% and increase damage they receive by 45%. This effect increases by 1% per additional enhancement.
  6. Enhanced Execution (Passive 3)
     Erchen's has self Buff boss damage by 724%, and Piercing damage by 1270% when facing Boss-type enemies. Additionally, in World Boss Cerberus, increase Buff boss damage by 506%.
  7. Pressure Slash (Max Passive)
    Reduce damage received by 30% and removes all beneficial effects of enemies around his target of 'Geom Bash', causing 3901% damage and increasing their damage taken for 12 seconds by 135%. This effect cannot be removed.
  8. Destructive Pressure (Ult Passive)
    Reduce damage received by 20%. If you hit an enemy, you will receive an additional 9 seconds of non-skill use, while Boss-types will take 147% Physical-Icon Physical damage and 87% Melee damage for 9 seconds.
  9. Normal Attack (Physical-Icon Physical/Melee) Deals double damage to one enemy.