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This article will deal with Terminology and Abbreviations.

As the game grows, more shortcuts, acronyms, abbreviations and other terminologies emerge for Dragon Blaze's Allies, Game modes, features, etc. This list should help to familiarize yourself with them.
Furthermore, this article will also present terminology that the wiki staff or the players agreed upon, to call certain things.

Note that nothing on this list is official. The list is created by popularity and usage frequency.

(Side note: No abbreviations can be used to search articles on this wikia.)

Please comment with every term that is still missing on the list. This list is permanently WIP (Work in Progress).

« Tip: Use Crtl + F to quickly find the shortcut that you encountered.

Agreed Terminology[]

The below terminology glossar is used wiki-wide, and is accepted by the majority of the player base.


  1. Chapter > Area > Location > Stage (+number or name) > Wave
  2. Map > Region > Location > Stage (+number or name) > Wave

Around Units[]

Term Explanation
Character (Characters pl.)
Char for short
For playable characters Archer charMage charPaladin charPriest charRogue charWarrior char
Hero Ally (Hero Allies pl.) Often SSS grade allies which play an important role in the storyline.
Not to be used for Characters, or the PvP leagues (more below)
Deity (Deities pl.) Technically only Quinque Dracos & Septem Archangeli, but in Dragon Blaze the title of a class race.
All units that undergo the Deify System or a similar process fall into this category. They are all listed in Category:Deity.
Check out the table on Allies to understand the case system.
Key Unit (Key Units pl.) All units that undergo the Key creation process or similar.
Race (Races pl.) A Category which the unit belongs to; often times the thematic party that the unit belongs to. All units of one category/race undergo the same process to be obtained.
Ex: Key Units have currently 3 races: Dragon Buster, Dark Soul and Giants. Deities have currently 4 races.
Release poster (Release posters pl.) Ex: Messenger Shabelle release poster Dark Soul Ragnarok release poster Ravengale poster
more to be added


syn. Short-cuts,-form, "Slang"

Honor Gorge[]

Term Explanation Term Explanation Term Explanation
Tix Tickets / U-raid entry tickets GA Guild Adventure GB Guild Battle
Lab (alias Labby) Labyrinth (removed content) RoB (alias PrP) Revenge of Belphegor DD Destruction Dungeon
WB World Boss Gold/Silver league The respective leagues explained on Category:PvP. Buster/Hero league The respective leagues explained on Category:PvP.
more to be added

Old article[]

QoL Quality of Life ( eg. Formation manager, auto blocks, etc)
Gb / Gw / Gk Guild Battle (eg. "Who wants to play gb with me?")
Inv Invite (eg. "Inv me for gb!")
ruby runs Is the action of running all raids with a newly created char in order to get the ruby achievement rewards for beating the raids for the first time.
rez / rev Resurrect or Revive
scrolls Often refering to Revive Scrolls. Can also be used as an imperative. (eg. "We are dying, man! Scroll!!")
+ / - The answer to an "inv for gb". + means "Im free, invite me." and - means "Sorry Im busy."
"which map?" Often encountered in Guilds. Someone is asking which debuff is active on the current Guild Battle Grounds. See Guild Battles for more.
refill Action to claim/acquire more tickets (eg. "Wait a moment, I refill.")
Tix Ticket / Tickets
Invu / Bubble Invulnerability
CDR Cool down reduction. May refer to the U gear effect.
KR Korean. May often refer to the korean Sever.
JP Japan. May often refer to the japanese Server.
tyfr (vm) Thank you for runs (very much).
WB World Boss
Lab / Labby Labyrinth
PvP Player versus Player
PvE Player versus Environment (in DB simply used for all non pvp modes)
Dungi / Story Story Dungeon
acc Accessories (eg. "Let me change my acc real quick!") Not to mix up with ACC for Accuracy.
grind Excessive farming for resources.
fodder Item, Gear or Allies that can be used to enhance without hesitation.
Deus Rag / DS Rag Deus Ragnarok Raid Boss
Raggy Ragnarok Raid Boss
Aqua Aqualis Raid Boss
Lev Leviathan Raid Boss

Valmut Raid Boss


Fire All At Once Formation

IncCon Incredible Conentration Formation
dd Damage Dealer
DPS Damage Per Second
Pally Paladin Charater or Class.
Shepherd A Mage Character with her 3rd active skill ulted.

The status of being under the transmutation debuff.

Buffi / Magni A Priest Character with her 2nd active skill ulted.
Met The Mage's Meteor skill. (2nd active skill).
DoD A Rogue Character with his 2nd active skill ulted.
Def Pally / Atk Pally A Paladin Character on his Defense oath / Attack oath.
HB Hidden Blade
Novem Bodens Septem Archangeli Quinque Dracos Hero Allies Other Allies / Unreleased Units
SB / Bear / Kahlen - Storm Bear the Iron Wall Kym - Kymael the Just DDC - Draco Deathcrown Gram - Hero King Gram Buster - Dragon Busters
Tigger - Arrow Trigger Mika - Mikaela the Fatal DBS - Draco Brightspark BS - Brightspark DS - Dark Souls
Hawk - Hellhawk Raven / Rav - Ravengale the Kind DBA - Draco Blackaria Ful - Captain Fulson Key - Term for both Busters and DS

Mana / Randy - Manalandy

Lly - Llywelyn the Fiery DGS - Draco Greysoul Belle - Belle Snow
Mag - Magritte Fry / Pyioel - Fryderyk the Tenor DBW - Draco Bloodwind Shab - Captain Shabelle
Falcon - Drunken Falcon Merc - Princess Mercedes
Howl - Shadow Howl
Tracy - Polar Tracy
Bliss - Bliss Foxy