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Titan Form
Class Warrior
Role DPS

Titan Dione slice

No Video Released

Normal Attack: Inflict damage to one enemy or increase self Buff strSTR by 25%.

Blood Stigma (Active 1)
Inflict 517% damage to one enemy and the "Stigma of Berserker" for 7.3 seconds. Dione inflicts 2x damage on an enemy inflicted with the Stigma. [CD: 15.4 sec]

Bloody (Active 2)
Increases Dione's Physical-Icon Physical damage by 14% for 9 seconds. All attacks on an enemy inflict a bleed debuff that is immune to dispel. The Debuff bleedbleed debuff inflicts 94% damage for 7.2 seconds, stacking up to five times. [CD: 22.2 sec]

Inner Rage (Active 3)
Increases Buff base atkATK by 204% and recovers 15% of damage inflicted upon the enemy as HP for 8.1 seconds. Immune to dispel. [CD: 20.3 sec]

Blood Rush (Passive 1)
Increases normal attack damage by 73%. Every attack consumes 1% of Dione's Maximum HP and inflicts 3x its damage.

Immortal Madness (Passive 2)
Decreases all damage received by 13%.

Notes: She is created with the usual Deify System, meaning any Warrior SSS unit suffices for the deification.

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