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Titan Form
Class Mage
Role DPS

Titan Leah slice

No Video Released

Normal Attack (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged): Increases Buff intINT for self during normal attack.

Celestial Overture (Active 1)
Inflicts 420% damage to one enemy and increases its Ranged damage received by 6% for 6.3 seconds. [CD: 12.5 sec]

Celestial Prelude (Active 2)
Inflicts 380% damage to one enemy and increases its Magical-Icon magical damage received by 9% for 6.6 seconds. For every time Leah uses this skill to attack enemies, its damage increases by 190%. [CD: 15.9 sec]

Celestial Grave Song (Active 3)
Increases the Magical-Icon magical damage of the entire friendly party by 10% for 9 seconds. [CD: 23.5 sec]

Celestial Echo (Passive 1)
Increases the Magical-Icon magical damage received of the entire enemy party by 6%.

Celestial Blessing (Passive 2)
Increases Buff intINT by 30% for self.

Notes: She is created with the usual Deify System, meaning any Mage SSS unit suffices for the deification.

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