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Titan Form
Class Incanter
Role DPS

Titan Metis slice

No Video Released

Normal Attack (Magical-Icon Magical/Ranged): Inflicts a mark which increases her Summons' damage. (compare: Dark Soul Sasha)

Ancient God (Active 1)
Increass Physical-Icon physical damage by 9% for entire allied party for 8.7 seconds. [CD: 17.5 sec]

Trem! (Active 2)
Increases Tram's ATK by 8%. Only wears off once Tram dies (thats the duration, not immune to dispel). Stacks up to 5 times. [CD: 21.9 sec]

My Friend Trem (Active 3)
Invokes Tram. His normal attacks inflict damage to all enemies at once. For 6.8 seconds his Physical-Icon physical damage is increased by 7%. Additionally, Tram can use "Rage of Earth" which inflicts 347% damage to the entire enemy party, stuns for 8.7 seconds and inflicts a debuff that inflicts 550% damage every second. [CD: 28.5 sec]

Ancient Bond (Passive 1)
Increases the main attributes of all Summons in the party by 12%.

Ancient Mystery (Passive 2)
Increases your Summons' ATK by 13% (unknown object in sentence but probably only to Tram).

Notes: She is created with the usual Deify System, meaning any Incanter SSS unit suffices for the deification.

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