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Titan Form
Class Priest
Role DPS

Titan Perses slice

No Video Released

Normal Attack: Inflict damage to one enemy to grant Perses the effect of "Deputy of God". As "Deputy of God", recovers HP of entire allied party during normal attack.

I seal your sins (Active 1)
Inflicts 512% damage and recovers 20% of damage inflicted as HP for the entire allied party. [CD: 12.3 sec]

I pardon impure energy (Active 2)
Cleanse all debuffs from the entire allied party and rants Buff immunityfull Immunity for 7.2 seconds. [CD: 19.4 sec]

God is with you (Active 3)
Grants a buff to entire allied party for 7.8 seconds that recovers their HP equal to 16% of the incoming damage. [CD: 24.2 sec]

Heavenly Light (Passive 1)
Increases Buff sta upSTA by 18% for entire allied party.

Heavenly Rage (Passive 2)
Increases the Buff base atkATK by 9% for entire allied party.

Notes: He is created with the usual Deify System, meaning any Priest SSS unit suffices for the deification.

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