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Transcended Dione 
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Release Date GL 20.March.2018Release Date KR03.August.2017

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Korean Name   Lore Desc.
초월 디오네   It may be hard to agree who the strongest Titan is, but everyone agrees that Dione is the bravest by far. The more blood she spills, the braver she gets. At some point, she earned the nickname 'the Titan Berserker.' No one knows how the once sweet Dione became an incarnation of rage... Still, wherever there's conflict, there's Dione. Watch out, she's coming for you.
Weapon & Off-Hand  
Longsword & Longsword  
Main Damage Type   Secondary Unit
PHY / Melee   None
Transcended Dione

Transcended Dione

Pain is fleeting, but victory can last forever.
Normal Attack Effect
Inflict damage to one enemy or increase self Buff strSTR by 35%. (6 sec Cooldown, caps at 1 stack).
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
Her attacks are assumed to be PHY/Melee/SG.

Transcended Dione a1 Blood Stigma (PHY/Melee)
Inflicts 8912% damage to an enemy, applying a 'Blood Mark', for 8.4 seconds. Dione deals 3x damage to those inflicted with the 'Blood Mark'. Also, enemies affected by 'Blood Mark', suffer 58% more PHY damage. [CD: 17 sec]

Transcended Dione a2 Bloody (PHY/Melee)
Increases Dione's PHY damage by 512% and Piercing damage by 2190% for 10.6 seconds and applies an unremovable Debuff bleedbleeding effect. The Debuff bleedbleeding effect inflicts 1420% damage per second for 9.3 seconds and can maintain up to 5 overlays. [CD: 22.2 sec]

Transcended Dione a3 Inner Rage
Increases Buff base atkATK by 840%, Buff atk spdATK SPD by 27% and Buff lifestealrecovers 22% of damage inflicted upon the enemy as HP for 11.8 seconds. Immune to dispel. [CD: 32.3 sec]


Transcended Dione p1 Blood Rush
Consumes 6% of Dione's Maximum HP with every attack and inflicts 5x its damage. Every 8th critical attack increases Dione's Buff base atkATK by 250%, stacking up to 4 times. (Immune to dispel)

Transcended Dione p2 Immortal Madness
When Dione's Health reaches 0, she becomes immune to damage for 7 seconds. Afterwards, she recovers 30% of her Max HP. Additionally, every 4th Normal Attack consumes 6% of her Max HP and inflicts 4940% damage to all enemies. [CD: 48 sec]
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
No damage type mentioned for this skill's damage aspect, however the damage is per definiton PHY/Ranged.

Transcended Dione p3 Stopped Time
Increase Dione's Attack Power by 200% and increase enemy PHY damage received by 54%. For each additional enhancement, further increase Dione's Attack Power by 15%.

Transcended Dione pMax Recklessness
Increase Dione's Normal Attack damage by 800%, PHY Attack power by 346% and when using 'Visceral Rage' all her attacks become critical hits.

Empty icon Pinnacle of Insanity
Increase the duration of 'Undying Madness' by 5 seconds, Normal Attack Power by 2100%, Melee Attack Power by 335%, Buff atk spdATK SPD by 74% and makes Dione completely immune to all statuses. Also, when in this state, Dione's Normal Attacks remove the beneficial effects on enemies she attacks. At the end of the Madness, she will now regain 80% of her Maximum HP.

Empty icon Rage
Increase Dione's Melee damage by 388%. 'Blood Frenzy' now can maintain up to 10 overlays. Additionally, 'Undying Madness' now applies a Debuff bleedBleeding debuff on the 4th Normal Attack. The Debuff bleed bleeding debuff inflicts 1114% damage per second for 13.4 seconds and can maintain up to 4 overlays.

Transcended Dione pInf
Reduce Dione's Active Skill Cooldowns by 5%, increase her Attack Power by 250% and Buff sta upSTA by 110%. Also, for each additional Infinity enhancement, further increase her Attack Power by 58% and Buff sta upSTA by 28%. Additionally, 'Mark of Blood' now deals 12200% damage to an enemy.

Infinity Skills (Lv. 1 values)
Empty icon
Empty icon
Empty icon
Character Skill (Lv. 1 values)
Empty icon
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    This unit did not receive any balance changes to its skills yet.

  • 1: The translated lore text from the release poster follows:
    I don't know who the strongest among the Titans is. The bravest say Dione.
    Every time she sheds blood, she grows stronger, for which she is called the Berserker of Titans.
    Originally, Dione was kind, but nobody knows what caused her to become the Goddess of Anger.
    However, where there is a battle, she must appear.
    Be careful, she is coming.

Enhancement Costs
The MAX enhancement state, which is reached upon 11 enhancements, unlocks the MAX Passive skill. Further enhancing to ULT (MAX+8) unlocks the ULT Passive skill. Enhancing even further (ULT+5 or ARCH) unlocks the ARCH passive skill.

Enhancement costs are presented in the table below.

Enhance Level Souls T.Essences Stats Gold
Creation 450 150.000.000
+1 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+2 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+3 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+4 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+5 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+6 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+7 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+8 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+9 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+10 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+11 (MAX) 22 1.150 80% 240.000.000
Total (Base to MAX) 192 9.800 700% 1.880.000.000
+12 (MAX+1) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+13 (MAX+2) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+14 (MAX+3) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+15 (MAX+4) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+16 (MAX+5) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+17 (MAX+6) 24 1.150 100% 240.000.000
+18 (MAX+7) 24 1.150 100% 240.000.000
+19 (ULT) 30 1.800 100% 240.000.000
Total (MAX to ULT) 198 9.850 700% 1.960.000.000
+20 (ULT+1) 36 1.800 100% 280.000.000
+21 (ULT+2) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+22 (ULT+3) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+23 (ULT+4) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+24 (ARCH) 50 2.400 120% 320.000.000
Total (ULT to ARCH) 194 9.600 580% 1.440.000.000
Total (Base to ARCH) 584 29.250 1980%
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