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Transcended Hellhawk 
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Resource BarVigor (4/5)

Release Date GL 12.Sept.2017Release Date KR22.Dec.2016

Last EditUlt and Rebalance
Korean Name   Lore Desc.
초월 헬호크   The Grim Reaper Hellhawk brings death wherever he goes. He instills feat into the hearts of his enemies as he cuts them down from the shadows. Rumor has it that his deadly weapon, Hellside, feasts on the souls of those he has killed.
Weapon & Off-Hand  
Dagger & Dagger  
Main Damage Type   Secondary Unit
PHY / Melee   None
Transcended Hellhawk

Transcended Hellhawk

Rest in peace.
Normal Attack Effect
Hellhawk's normal attacks steal one benefical effect from the enemy.
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
His attacks are assumed to be PHY/Melee/SG.
"Energy" is located in his resource bar (Orange bar similar to old Rogue's Vigor) and caps at 4 pre-MAX enhancement state.

Transcended Hellhawk a1 Shadow Cut (PHY/Melee)
Tainted Hellhawk can get rid of his enemies in a flash.
Inflicts 8944% damage to one enemy and Debuff silencesilences it for 4 seconds. Consumes no "Vigor" when successfully hit, recharges 1 "Vigor". [Required vigor: 2]
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
His actives indeed do not state a Cooldown. They simply require energy. In a sense, his skills all require a different amount of energy but also replenish or grant more energy when used. This causes his skills to have a natural "chain-reaction" but also a unchangeable skill sequence, reducing the RNG factor and maximizing his burst potential.

Transcended Hellhawk a2 Shadow Split (PHY/Melee)
Move undetected to deal a fatal strike.
Inflicts 8152% damage to enemy. Inflicts 3152% Debuff bleeddamage every second for 5.2 seconds. Consumes no "Vigor", when successfully hit, recharges 1 "Vigor". [Required vigor: 3]

Transcended Hellhawk a3 Reaper's Scythe (PHY/Melee)
Hellhawk's bloodstained Hellside is filled with the souls of those he killed.
Consumes all stored "Vigor" to inflict 12805% damage and 5700% Piercing damage to one enemy. [Required vigor: 4]


Transcended Hellhawk p1 Deadly Energy
Death comes to anyone who locks eyes with the deathly Hellhawk.
Adds 2790% Piercing damage to all attacks. Also, recovers own's HP by 28% of inflicted damage. When Hellhawk is hit by MG damage he vanishes for 6 seconds, during which his Active Skills have a chance to steal 1 buff and all his Melee attacks will hit critically. [CD: 15 sec]

Transcended Hellhawk p2 Scream of Death
He leaves nothing but screams in his wake.
Increases Buff dexDEX by 80% for self for 11 seconds each time an ally or enemy dies on the battlefield. Stacks up to 5 times. Helhawk can detect enemies in stealth.

Transcended Hellhawk p3 Energy Expansion
Hellhawk's PHY damage increases by 410%, and enemies receive 45% more PHY damage. Also, increase Hellhawk's PHY damage by 16% per enhancement level.

Transcended Hellhawk pMax Evil Shadow Demon
Consumes all stored "Vigor" to inflict 12800% damage and 6100% Piercing damage to one enemy and Buff vanishvanishing for 6 seconds.
Also, increases maximum "Vigor" gauge to 5. "Reaper's Scythe" will no longer consume "Vigor" and grant 1 "Vigor" instead, when successfully hit. [Required vigor: 5]

Transcended Hellhawk pUlt Reaper of Death
The Reaprer of Death will find you when darkness rules over the world.
Hellhawk deals 327% more PHY damage. Also increases Hellhawk's Buff dexDEX by 275%.

Transcended Hellhawk pArch Shadow of Death
Hellhawk thrives in darkness.
Before entering battle, all of Hellhawk's "Vigor" is restored and receives 520% Buff dexDEX for 14 seconds (Immune to dispel). This is only used once when entering the battle for the first time.

Transcended Hellhawk pInf Death Diffusion
Hellhawk's Active Skill Cooldowns are reduced by 5%. Hellhawk increases Melee damage by 270% and Buff sta upSTA by 92%. Also, increase Hellhawk's Melee damage by 55% and Buff sta upSTA by 29% per Infinity enhancement. "Shadow Death" also increases single target damage by 1040% for 14 seconds.

Infinity Skills (Lv. 1 values)
Empty icon
Empty icon
Empty icon
Character Skill (Lv. 1 values)
Empty icon
Version Tracker
This unit received Buffs/Nerfs/Changes in

    This unit did not receive any balance changes to its skills yet.

  • 1: The hawk, Hellhawk's Boden animal is invoked in multiple instances on his attire. Both foot and leg wear, as well as the coat and right shoulder protection piece show signs of the hawk.
    Additionally, both his daggers display a hawk as its base, with claws as pummels.
    An eye, supposdely an hawk eye, can be spotted on his belt.

Enhancement Costs
The MAX enhancement state, which is reached upon 11 enhancements, unlocks the MAX Passive skill. Further enhancing to ULT (MAX+8) unlocks the ULT Passive skill. Enhancing even further (ULT+5 or ARCH) unlocks the ARCH passive skill.

Enhancement costs are presented in the table below.

Enhance Level Souls T.Essences Stats Gold
Creation 450 150.000.000
+1 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+2 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+3 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+4 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+5 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+6 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+7 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+8 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+9 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+10 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+11 (MAX) 22 1.150 80% 240.000.000
Total (Base to MAX) 192 9.800 700% 1.880.000.000
+12 (MAX+1) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+13 (MAX+2) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+14 (MAX+3) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+15 (MAX+4) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+16 (MAX+5) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+17 (MAX+6) 24 1.150 100% 240.000.000
+18 (MAX+7) 24 1.150 100% 240.000.000
+19 (ULT) 30 1.800 100% 240.000.000
Total (MAX to ULT) 198 9.850 700% 1.960.000.000
+20 (ULT+1) 36 1.800 100% 280.000.000
+21 (ULT+2) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+22 (ULT+3) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+23 (ULT+4) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+24 (ARCH) 50 2.400 120% 320.000.000
Total (ULT to ARCH) 194 9.600 580% 1.440.000.000
Total (Base to ARCH) 584 29.250 1980%
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