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New Priest card
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Priest emblem
Transcended Mercedes 
 Healer roleHealer
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Release Date GL 10.Oct.2017Release Date KR24.January.2017

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Korean Name   Lore Desc.
초월 메르세데스   The princess, who was once loved by everyone, now only loves one person. The starlight that once shined upon everyone now shines only for one person. She gave up everything to be with that person and standing beside her is the person who swore to protect her no matter what. No matter how difficult and tiring her fated road may be, and even though that road may lead to somewhere far away, Mercedes and her lover will never stop walking it.
Weapon & Off-Hand  
Magic Wand & Magic Orb  
Main Damage Type   Secondary Unit
MG / Ranged   (Guard)
Transcended Mercedes

Transcended Mercedes

I only have eyes for you.
Normal Attack Effect
Heals 1 ally and recovers its HP Buff constant healevery second or Debuff silencedisables 1 enemy from using its skills.
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
Her attacks are assumed to be MG/Ranged/SG.

Transcended Mercedes a1 Under the Starlight
Mercedes' desire to protect those closest to her is like the shining starlight.
Recovers HP of entire allied party by 1509% of Mercedes' Attack. Applies a Buff constant healregeneration effect that recovers HP by 692% of her attack every second for 8.4 seconds and Buff immunity"blesses" the ally against harmful effects. [CD: 21 sec]

Transcended Mercedes a2 Royal Guard of Starlight
Mercedes appoints her own guards to protect her.
Mercedes appoints an allied unit to be her "Bodyguard". Mercedes recovers the HP of the "Bodyguard" by 1032% of her Attack Power every second for 12 seconds and reducing that allies damage taken by 48%. All damage directed at Mercedes is taken by the "Bodyguard". "Bodyguards fully recover their HP at the end of the appointment. [CD: 25.7 sec]
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
Transcended Mercedes bodyguard mark
Bodyguards can be identified by the helmet mark on their chest.
This skill fails to describe that it appoints a "Guard" at the start of the skill and then grants the mentioned effects and buffs to that "Guard" only.

Transcended Mercedes a3 Song of Starlight
Mercedes' Song of Starlight signifies life.
Resurrects 2 allied units. Resurrected allies receive all of Mercedes' beneficial effects and Buff invutake no damage for 4 seconds. [CD: 29 sec]
Skill Details
not offical; Wiki explanation 
Revives Key units as well. Only current buffs are granted.


Transcended Mercedes p1 Knight of the Princess
Meredes' party members gain powerful HP from their desire to protect her.
Increase Mercedes' Buff sta up STA by 50% and increases allied units PHY damage by 207%.

Transcended Mercedes p2 Protective Instinct
Those who stand by Mercedes have sworn to never give up on her.
Increase allied units Buff base atkAttack Power by 298% and reduce damage received by 32%.

Transcended Mercedes p3 Protective Will
Increase allied units PHY damage by 360% and Buff sta up STA by 28%. For each additional enhancement, further increase the PHY damage by 9% of allied units.

Transcended Mercedes pMax Noble Sacrifice
Mercedes uses the last of her strenght to protect her party members.
When Mercedes dies, heals allied units by 2810% per second for 4.5 seconds. Additionally, when received damage exceeds 10% of ally HP, they will only receive 10% of that damage.

Transcended Mercedes pUlt Blessings of Starlight
Stars that shine brightly in the night sky provide warm blessings to all.
"Under Starlight" now increases Buff base atkAttack Power 218% and Buff atk spdAttack Speed by 46% for allied units and can overlay up to 3 times. 'Song of Starlight' can now revive the entire allied party.

Transcended Mercedes pArch Omnipresent Starlight
The bravery of Mercedes grants new power to party members.
Increase allied units Buff base atkAttack Power by 130% and Random Additional damage by 280%. Additionally, 'Under Starlight' now increases entire allied units Defense by 34%.

Transcended Mercedes pInf Peace of Mind
Increase allied units PHY Attack power by 280%, Buff sta up STA by 120%, and reduces damage received by 25%. Also, for each additional INFINITY enhancement, further increase PHY Attack power by 26% and Buff sta up STA by 11%. When using 'Under the Starlight', increase Max HP by 88% for 8.4 seconds.

Infinity Skills (Lv. 1 values)
Empty icon
Empty icon
Empty icon
Character Skill (Lv. 1 values)
Transcended Mercedes char
Version Tracker
This unit received Buffs/Nerfs/Changes in

    This unit did not receive any balance changes to its skills yet.

Enhancement Costs
The MAX enhancement state, which is reached upon 11 enhancements, unlocks the MAX Passive skill. Further enhancing to ULT (MAX+8) unlocks the ULT Passive skill. Enhancing even further (ULT+5 or ARCH) unlocks the ARCH passive skill.

Enhancement costs are presented in the table below.

Enhance Level Souls T.Essences Stats Gold
Creation 450 150.000.000
+1 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+2 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+3 17 700 40% 120.000.000
+4 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+5 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+6 17 850 60% 160.000.000
+7 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+8 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+9 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+10 17 1.000 80% 200.000.000
+11 (MAX) 22 1.150 80% 240.000.000
Total (Base to MAX) 192 9.800 700% 1.880.000.000
+12 (MAX+1) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+13 (MAX+2) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+14 (MAX+3) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+15 (MAX+4) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+16 (MAX+5) 24 1.150 80% 240.000.000
+17 (MAX+6) 24 1.150 100% 240.000.000
+18 (MAX+7) 24 1.150 100% 240.000.000
+19 (ULT) 30 1.800 100% 240.000.000
Total (MAX to ULT) 198 9.850 700% 1.960.000.000
+20 (ULT+1) 36 1.800 100% 280.000.000
+21 (ULT+2) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+22 (ULT+3) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+23 (ULT+4) 36 1.800 120% 280.000.000
+24 (ARCH) 50 2.400 120% 320.000.000
Total (ULT to ARCH) 194 9.600 580% 1.440.000.000
Total (Base to ARCH) 584 29.250 1980%
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