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Overlord emblem
Information Skills
Transcended Shadow Howl raw Active skill
Transcended Shadow Howl a1 Transcended Shadow Howl a2 Transcended Shadow Howl a3
Active 1 Active 2 Active 3
Passive skill
Transcended Shadow Howl p1 Transcended Shadow Howl p2 Transcended Shadow Howl p3
Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive 3
Enhance skill
Transcended Shadow Howl pMax Transcended Shadow Howl pUlt Transcended Shadow Howl pArch
MAX Passive ULTIMATE Passive ARCH Passive
AAAAA Deal additional damage for each negative effect [=debuff] applied on the enemy.
Class Element Role
Dual-Wielder emblem
DPS role
Specialized content Recommended skill card Lv.1 values
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