This patch brings us:

World Boss

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Kr patch Cerberus promotion poster

This patch introduces the 4th World Boss Cerberus (켈베로스, kelbeloseu). Supposedly opens every Wednesday from 00:20 until 24:00 KST.

No specific information was published. The only pieces of information may be from a lore context text.

According to it, Cerberus was born from hell, and even Belphegor, the Helldragon cannot ignore his power.
Cerberus has three heads and its strong body is able to withstand powerful magical damage. Each head supposedly has its own personality and abilities.
Additionally, it supposedly feasts on the opponent's beneficial power.[1]

It will be interesting, as especially the last piece suggest an interesting mechanic.

Attendance Rewards for New and Returning Players

  • On the 6th day, you’ll receive 1 Deity Selector, which includes all available deities: 5 Dracos, 7 Angels, The Boden, Awakened Heroes and 6 released Titan.
  • On the 7th day, you’ll receive 1 Key Selector, which includes all available keys: Dragon Busters, Dark Souls and 6 released Giants.
  • Only users creating new account / relogging after 21 absent days AFTER December 15th can receive this perk.
  • Deity Selector for regular players now includes all available deities: 5 Dracos, 7 Angels, The Boden, Awakened Heroes and 6 released Titan.[2]

New Shop Items

  • Magic Scrolls from the Magic System added for 200 Ruby rendered per 50 Scrolls. They can be found under Consumable Items at the Cash Shop
  • In the Honor Gorge shop there will be new Accessories (can be found where the Coin Shop Earrings etc are) that grant XP and Gold Acquisation
    Kr patch gold xp accessory

Ring Stats:

  • Attack Speed +19
  • Max HP +40000
  • Gold +64%
  • XP +32%

Stats may change post-patch
Its price is whopping 100 Coins. (TL/Note: Lets hope it stays this cheap post-patch).


  • New level cap 117
  • Chapter 4 Hero and Legend mode added
    • Raids supposedly included
  • Orange new filter button in ally lobby - Filters units by their player review scores
  • Adventure features new buttons to navigate chapters
    Kr patch Adventure navigate buttons
  • New 99$ Purchases


  1. 지옥의 파수꾼 악마견 “켈베로스”가 지옥문을 열고 별이되어라! 세계를 향해 진격해옵니다. “켈베로스”는 지옥 깊은 곳에서 태어나 각기 다른 성격과 능력을 가진 세 개의 머리와 강력한 마법 공격에도 견뎌내는 강인한 육체를 가진 단일 개체입니다. 고대 기록에 따르면 악마견 “켈베로스”는 상대의 이로운 기운을 양식으로 하며, 끝없는 식탐을 가지고 있다고 합니다. 성체가 된 “켈베로스”는 지옥에 사는 거대한 용 “벨페고르” 조차 그 힘을 무시할 수 없다고 하네요. 별이되어라!를 모험하시는 여러분, 악마견 “켈베로스”의 진격을 막아내고 지옥문을 닫아주세요!
  2. According to User:Khangvn08