Arch Buster vs Erebos banner The 5-2 Patch, we will refer it as the ARCH patch
Exclamation Icon Since a lot of new content is actually new game modes, the wiki team can only do post-patch rechecks over the entire course of the week, when the game modes become avaible. Therefore, check back reguarly or next Tuesday.
Arch Buster Game Icon

Do note that the previously refered Ark Buster (아크 버스터, akeu beoseuteo) is equal to Arc or Arch; all three romanizations being vaible options. Flint decided to romanize 아크 (akeu) as ARCH.
The word is also not capitalized under usual circumstances.

This patch brings us:

  • New stage and level cap increase
  • Ally system improvement
  • Arch Buster and new World Boss
  • New enhancement level and Arch skills
  • Improvement of various convenience functions
  • Steel Giant Update Celebration Special Event

Original patch notes can be found here (1/5), here (2/5), here (3/5), here (4/5) and here (5/5).

Essence Merge and Key Removal

All sub-Essences will be merged into Transcended Essences with this patch.

  • All dungeon stages that previously dropped any kind of Essence will change to Transcended Essences only
  • Essences are merged in a 3:1 ratio, which is equal to the amount that the player would receive by manually combining them in the Workshop
    They are supposedly sent to the mailbox.
  • If players only have an odd number such as 10, they will receive 4 Transcended Essences instead of the lesser amount.

Consequently the combine option will be removed from the Workshop.

Also, as previously mentioned, the creation of Transcended now only requires the corresponding Deity and the Essence+Gold cost. Keys are removed from the creation chain. Keys will overall be removed from the game and a compensation is being paid in a latter patch.

ARCH Skills

Seems like there are new title achievements too. Doing them by the end
ARCH (아크 버스터, akeu) is the new height for enhancement status, following ULTIMATE, now seemingly only for the Transcended units. Arch is achieved with ULT+3 enhancement level and unlocks a new, 4th passive skill.
After ulting a Transcended, the Arch Enhancement button will unlock in the ally inventory.
Kr patch arch enhance button

The cost for an enhancement is

  • Ult+1: 50mio Gold rendered + Transcended Essence70 + 10 SSS
  • Ult+2: 50mio Gold rendered + Transcended Essence70 + 10 SSS
  • ARCH: 80mio Gold rendered + Transcended Essence90 + 10 SSS
(The Arch enhance cost has been permanetnly added to the "Korean" Tab of the TransEnhance template)
Following this patch, skills are also relocated in the ally cards. There are three tiles now, the first row consists of the Active skills, the second of the Passive skills and the third of all passives skills that are unlocked with Enhancement (MAX-ULT-Arch).
Kr patch relocation of passives

The following tables show the Arch skills for all current Transcended units. Exclamation Icon They are now added to all their individual articles and our five translation articles.

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Transcended Dracos
Unit Name Effect
T.Deathcrown Ruler of Death "Breath of Death" (MAX) inflicts a debuff which causes hit enemies to receive 33% increased damage.
T.Brightspark Sound of Crying Souls Doubles the damage from "Howling Souls" (3rd) and inflict two additional "Cold Death" marks. Additionally, during "Frost Armor" (P1) Brightspark now only receives 15% of her STA as damage (instead of 35%).
T.Bloodwind Bloody Arrow Bloodwind thinks that a dog with 3 heads is not beautiful.
All attacks from Bloodwind on Cerberus inflict double their damage.
T.Greysoul Placeholder The method how the strongest man on earth gets four times stronger is simple.
Invokes two additional "Clones" during "Dark Celestial Decree" (3rd). Increases the maximum amount of "Clones" to four. Additionally, increase the random additional damage of entire allied party by 42%.
T.Blackaria A Hymn of Dawn The brilliance of the dawn shines brightly.
"March of Blessing"'S (2nd) now grants 33% increased Skill damage. Additionally, the ATK increase from "Hymn of Hope" after reviving increases to 66%.
Transcended Angels
Unit Name Effect
T.Fryderyk Controlled Line Decreases the Cooldown recovery rate of entire enemy party by 14% and increase their magical damage received by 28%.
T.Mikaela Destructive Stamp Hitting "Challange" (3rd) on a non-Boss Type Unit enemy now causes them to receive 60% of health (which is unclear, probabaly theirs) as damage. Inflicts a debuff which prevents HP recovery for 23 seconds and increases Mikaela's ATK by 70% (probably additional 70% as it already increases by 75%).
T.Kymael Absolute Power Put all hope into the hands of God; Absolute power is with Kymael.
Increases the magical damage of entire allied party by 27%. The magical damage received by entire enemy party is increases by 21%. Additionally, "Heavenly Protectio" (3rd) now grants 36% increases magical damage to entire allied party for 46 seconds, stacking up to seven times.
T.Farrah Seed of Beginnig The ally bestowed with "Seed of Life" (1st) receives 68% increased magical damage for its duration. Every time an enemy gets a buff removed from "Seed of Nightmare", increase their magical damage received by 37%. Additionally, every time "Seeds of Eden"'s effect activates, has a chance to remove all buffs from the enemy.
T.Gaela Placeholder Each time Gaela kills an enemy, increase her Piercing damage by 192% for 24 seconds. Stacks up to seven times and is immune to dispel.
T.Ravengale Fallen Spirit "You must win the battle with me".
Increase the Boss Damage of entire allied party by 52%. Further increase Boss Damage by 12% for every Summon in the party's control. Additionally, increase ATK of Izarcs by 120%.
T.Llywelyn Spotting Weakness "I found a good looking fellow!" Reihnmetal is keen to spot the weakness of the opponents.
Grants 480% Boss Damage to "Absolute Penetrating Bullets" (1st) and 300% Boss Damage to "Hell Shot Bullets" (2nd). Additionally, increases Llywelyn's the normal attack damage by 270%.
Transcended Bodens
Unit Name Effect
T.Margaret What's better? Increases Boss Damage by 72% and Random Damage by 58% for entire allied party. Additionally, increase the duration of "What Will Come?"'s buff by 3 seconds and allow it to stack up two times.
T.Shadow Howl Decloration of Absolute Reduces the damage Shadow Howl receives by 25%. Additionally, "Absolute Stigmata"'s debuff (ULT) can no longer be removed by tagging out in Tag Match or Guild Battle.
T.Arrow Trigger Power of Icarus Increases ATK of entire allied party by 38%.
T.Hellhawk Shadow Death Before entering battle, all of Hellhawk's "Energy" is restored and receives for 14 seconds 102% increased DEX (Immune to dispel). Is only used once when entering the battle for the first time.
T.Manalandy Mother of Nature Further increases the Varman Family's ATK by 27% and the Melee damage of entire allied party by 38%.
T.Drunken Falcon A Legendary Blacksmith Increases normal attack damage by 300% for entire allied party.
T.Bliss Foxy Magic Power of the Soul Increases INT by 52% for entire allied party and further increases INT for Mages of the party by 18% for each Mage in the party.
T.Chaser Tracy Explode! Enemies hit by "Traps" have all their buffs removed. Now ignores the enemies' Immunity and increases the chance of Traps being attacked. Traps are directly applied to Boss-Type Units and increases their exploding damage by three folds.
T.Storm Bear Irresistible Rage Decreases the entire enemy party's ATK SPD by 28%. Additionally, grants 60% increased physical damage and 130% increased STA while in "Rage Mode".
Transcended Heroes
Unit Name Effect
T.Gram Wrath of Exploding King Increases ATK of entire allied party by 77% and DEF by 62%. Additionally, "Massacre"'s (1st) absorbed effect is increased by 833%.
T.Belle A Day full of Happiness Increases summon limit to two.
T.Tiel Light Protector Increases AOE Damage of entire allied party by 27%. Additionally, "Protection of Light" (3rd) now additionally increases entire allied party's ATK by 54%.
T.Windlune A Ruthless Queen Increases entire allied party's physical damage by 82% during Guild Siege Battle.
T.Lucienne A Chance of Hunting Increases Lucienne's Boss Damage by 92%. Additionally, "Thrill of Hunt" (ULT) now grants additional 116% Boss Damage to entire allied party.
T.Mercedes Starlight shines on everyone Increases entire allied party's ATK by 30%. Additionally, "Under Starlight" (1st) now increases entire allied party's DEF by 34%.
T.Turq Deteriorating Hell Increases "Burn"'s damage by 182% and its duration to 7.4 seconds.
Transcended Titans
Unit Name Effect
T.Atlas Atlas, Goddess of War "Andormeda Nuclear Punch" (1st) now also removes all buffs of the target. "Eruption"'s (2nd) splash damage is doubled. Additionally, "Devotion"'s (3rd) duration is increased by 3 seconds.
T.Leah Heavenly Melody Increases entire allied party's magical damage by 32%.
T.Tethys Divine Judgment "God's Anger" (2nd) now increases enemies' received AOE Damage by 29% and renders them unable to receive buffs.
T.Metis Ancient Protector "Ancient Blessings" (2nd) buff values are doubled. "Spirit of Grace" (1st) now also increases entire allied party's Random Damage by 68%.
T.Hyperion Capture Oppertunites Increases Boss Damage by 72% for self.
T.Helios Commander's Majesty Increases entire allied party's ATK by 36%.
T.Chronos Strong Barrier Increases entire allied party's STA by 83% and DEF by 47% during Arena.
T.Prometheus Condensed Horsepower Increases Boss Damage by 92% for self.

ARCH Buster

« This will not be kept updated Updates only done to its article ARCH Buster.

The most prominent feature of the patch is the Arch Buster. Currently, he will be only usable in the new World Boss mode and some Daily Dungeon stages. Flint mentioned though that they plan to add more content where the Arch Buster can be used in.
Note that as a naturally implemented feature, Arch Buster is not to be viewed as a unit which needs to be created. Its a feature that all players will have.


After the update, a new button, the [Arch Buster] button will be added to the ally storage. Accessing it will lead to Arch Buster menu with the current settings and equipment of the player's own Arch Buster.
Kr patch arch buster button

The Arch Buster uses four skills dex, int, str & sta based on the mounted Transcended units.
Retention Effects also apply to him.

Ally SelectionSwordright

Tapping the ally slots leads to the player's Transcended storage. Players can select up to 10 Transcended units to mount their Arch Buster.

Kr patch arch buster menu
The mounted allies will determine the Combat Power (golden number over the skill slots: Rogue emblemCombat Power in number) of the player's Arch Buster.

Allies can be unmounted at will.

Skill SelectionSwordright

Tapping the 3 slots above those leads to the skill menu. Arch Busters have a total of 7 skills. The players must select 3.
Each skill has an active effect and a passive effect bound into it.
Each enhancement of the Arch Buster reduces each skills' cooldown.
Kr patch arch buster skill menu
Skills are categorized by classes (7 classes, 7 skills) and are unlocked when the class of the mounted allies aligns.

The table below mirrors the Korean image (players can therefore use it as a direct translation reference for the future)

Nature Warrior Archer Priest Mage Rogue Paladin Incanter
Name Booster Punch Destroyer Repair Sequecer Plasma Beam Plasma Cutter Field Barrier Jammer
Icon Arch Buster Booster Punch Icon Arch Buster Destroyer Icon Arch Buster Repair Sequecer Icon Arch Buster Plasma Beam Icon Arch Buster Plasma Cutter Icon Arch Buster Field Barrier Icon Arch Buster Jammer Icon
Active Inflict 920% damage to one enemy and reduce their DEF by 40% for 19 seconds. Inflict 900% damage to one enemy and 400% splash damage. (All attacks hit critical) Recovers 390% HP and increases HP recovery by 180% for 9 seconds. Inflict 660% damage to one enemy and 150% DOT damage for 9 seconds. Inflict 790% damage to one enemy and decreases HP recovery by 50% for 8 seconds. Grants protective shield equal to 600% of ATK for 12 seconds. Inflict 920% damage to one enemy and remove all its buffs.
Passive Increase STA by 30%. Increase ACC by 300. Decrease received magical damage by 20%. Increase Crit Rate by 300. Increases physical damage +20%. Decrease received physical damage by 20% Increases magical damage +20%.
A.CD CD: 8.3 sec CD: 8.2 sec CD: 17.6 sec CD: 8.2 sec CD: 4.9 sec CD: 18.4 sec CD: 6.6 sec

Tapping the skills marks them. The return button can safely tapped then; the skills are saved.

Equipment and EnhancementSwordright

The Arch Buster features 5 pieces of equipment which can be individually enhanced. They can be upgraded to increase the Arch Buster's Combat Power. When all pieces are equally upgraded the Arch Buster also levels up (all pieces hit level 19->Buster levels up to level 19). The maximum confirmed level is lvl 48. (Flint mentioned that they plan to increase the level along the way).

The enhancement and level up system are almost identical to the Rune Engraving System. The resources to upgrade an equipment piece are, just as with Runes, obtained from the Sunday Daily Dungeon.

Kr patch arch buster equipment

(Warning: The red button in the middle of the screen is [Auto Enhance Parts] which equally spreads the resources to automatically enhance as far as possible; this can mess with players' enhance plans)

  • Photoelectric SensorArch Buster Sensor Icon
    • Grants ACC
  • Nano-Skin Reinforced GlovesArch Buster Gloves Icon
    • Grants DEF
  • Inner Beam Warp EngineArch Buster Warp Engine Icon
    • Grants EVA
  • Plasma DriveArch Buster Plasma Drive Icon
    • Grants Crit Rate
  • Arc Booster ModuleArch Buster Booster Module Icon
    • Grants Crit Damage

Note that each level up of the Arch Buster changes its appearance. For example, on level 1 there is no headpiece, but on level 10 and beyond a head decoration is visible. Arch Buster changes a detail with every 5 levels.

Kr patch arch buster all set

Arch Buster with finished Settings.

World Boss Erebos

« Heavy Work In Progress article at Erebos.

Erebos (에레보스, eleboseu) is the 5th World Boss and takes form of a space monster. He is avaible every Monday.
Unlike other World Bosses, Erebos battle only lasts for 5 minutes. Additionally, the player must use the Arch Buster for battle.

No information released on any PHY/MG resistances or his skills/special debuffs. Closer information on this next Monday, when the Boss is avaible for us to play.


The rewards of Erebos surpass all current World Bosses.

Left column Rubies, right column Ranking Coins
Blue Erebos, Black all other current WBs
Kr patch erebos reward list raw

Transcended Equipment

« A detailed article is under construction at Transcended Equipment.

The Transcended Equipment System (초월장비 시스템, chowoljangbi siseutem) is advanced equipment gained from the new Saturday Daily Dungeon.

By defeating Falcon as the boss in that new daily dungeon stage, players can earn fragments of that transcended equipment at random.
Kr patch tkey fragments

In the Workshop, players can then upgrade 30 pieces of those fragments with the cost of 30 Transcended Essences to a real equipment piece, which also inherts a Magic Effect at random.

Kr patch transcended smith location
Kr patch transcended equipment creation

There are 9 different pieces of transcended fragments. They can then be equipped to the players real equipment also through the Workshop (a tab above the combine; see image)

Kr patch transcended equipment equip

The real equipment will then inherit the corresponding effect, listed below in the tables. Shields can only be equipped to shields and wand fragments only to magic wands, and so forth.

Kr patch transcended equipment finished

The fragments can also be deequipped in the Workshop under a different menu.

Equipment Type Special Effect (@ +0) Effect Coverage
Longsword 100% additional damage each 3rd hit. Single
Dagger 100% bleed damage for 10 seconds every 3rd critical hit. Single
Bow 100% additional damage each 3rd critical hit. AOE
Wand 300% additional damage each 10th hit. Single
Magic Wand 15% INT increase for 10 seconds every 10th hit. Single
Shield Protective shield equal to 10% of STA. None
Arrow 100% additional damage every 10th hit arrow. Single
Magic Orb 10 times chance to inflict 100% additional damage after a skill cast. Single
Orb 10 times chance to continuously recover HP by 30% after a skill cast. Single
italic written equipment are questionable. There seems to be a distinguish between Orb/Wands from Mages and Priests. Additionally, "Arrow" could be the Quiver, but all of that is questionable nonetheless. If you know, comment below.

Burning Gauge Farming

« Article at Burning Gauge.
Kr patch bruning gauge

With Bruning Gauge (버닝 게이지, beoning geiji) players can boost their farming efficiency for a short amount of time.

The burning gauge is a meter at the bottom of the screen, where the XP bar used to be. It can be seen in the right image (orange/yellow). Its maximum capacity is 3000 points.

It fills automatically over the course of the day, even when the player is not logged in. 720 points are earned after 24 hours.

When full, farming dungeons will wield various boni:

  • Gold acquisition increased by 1800%
  • Ally acquisition increased by 1800% for S, A and B grades
  • Item Drop Rate increased by 1800% for SS or higher items
  • Calydon points earned increases to 8 per run
  • Eligos points earned increases to 4 per run

The box which appears upon an active burning gauge (see image) also indicates the remaining burning points in the first line (X/3000).

An active burning gauge consumes 4 burning points per dungeon run. The shoe consumption also increases to 4 shoes per run.
Its activation is confirmed through the buff bar (see image).
The Burning Guage is automatically activated and cannot be turned off by the player.

Once the burning gauge is empty, the farming efficiency will drop to 1/3rd of the rate prior to this patch.[1]

Removal of Buff TimesSwordright

Buff Times have been adjusted for the sake of the Burning Gauge.
The time now starts at 12am KST instead of 11am and drop rate buffs and similar have been removed from the roster. If one takes a look at the latest KR buff scheduled, one can see that instead of drop buffs, there are now buffs that directly support the use of the burning gauge by either extending it or making its use free.

Kr patch buffs kr burning gauge


A Capsule can be purchased (once per account) in the smart shop in the item section. It artificially fills and restores the burning gauge and functions as a support. It maximum capacity is 300 burning points and it instantly restores those points upon use. Capsules are handed out and filled through GM or other Events.
Kr patch gauge capsule

Orc's Fort

Kr patch orc fort

Orc's Fort (오크의 성채, ') is a new game mode located in the Gorge of Challange with Nightmare and other PvE modes.

The layout is similar to old Destruction Dungeon. The player encounters 9 total stages with 3 Bosses. The overall difficulty of those stages increases with each advancement, and more significantly after each passed Boss.
Additionally, the shoe consumption starts off with 2 shoes but increases doubles with each stage.
The entire dungeon can be redone as often as the player pleases.

The reason for participating in this mode is to gain the dungeon drops "Enchanting Scrolls of Darkness", scrolls gained by the long study of the Orcs.

Scrolls of Darkness

« We are aware of the new effects and trying to gather all possible outcomes. Help out if you can with an image album, if possible. Article Enchantment of Darkness System.

The Enchantment of Darkness System (암흑의 마법 부여, amheug-ui mabeob buyeo) allows players to gain multiple Magic Effects on their equipment, or damage their items as well. The system is greatly based on chance.

The scrolls are gained from the Orc's Fort game mode only and their use is limited to Ultimate enhanced equipment.

They are applied to the equipment just as the Enchanting Scrolls from the Magic System are. There is a 30% chance for success. Once successfully enhanced, the equipment can gain 2 new Magic Effects, with random values. The player can either roll the second highest (orange) or highest (red) value for that effect.

However, there is also a chance for the enchantment to fail and the Scrolls of Darkness can end up corrupting the equipment, causing it to lose enhancement status. A SSS Ultimate equipment can therefore become a SSS MAX+4 piece once the enchantment failed.

Kr patch failed darkness enchant
Kr patch successful darkness enchant
Failed Enchant Successful Enchant


  • New Area
  • Level cap from lv.123 to → lv.126
  • Ally Storage increased from 170 to → 180
  • The Ally folio book has been revamped to further break down units into a hierarchy.
    Kr patch ally folio change
  • All players receive 5 Ultimate Transcended Dracos automatically
  • Honor Gorge further broken down
    • Honor Gorge will not consist of 3 instead of 2 sections: Gorge of Challange (pvp+wb content), of Confrontation (pve content) and Guild Gorge (guild content)
      Kr patch three calydon crush
  • Guild Content Reservation
    • Players are now able to reserve and pre-appoint their participation in Guild Content. When players see the following red button they can pre-appoint their desired party and tap the button to automatically run the game mode while they are not logged in.
      Kr patch auto register guild content
      When the player would like to farm or do other modes during that time, he can cancel the reservation by tapping a red button with [예약 취소] (Cancel Reservation)


open with expand

What is ARCHSwordright

With the knowledge we have right now, Arch refers to two things.

  1. The Arch Buster, a machine mounted by 10 Transcended from the player, seemingly being used in a new game mode or a new feature altogether.
  2. A new Enhancement state. Following ULTIMATE it will be the next final level - MAX→ULT→Arch. The following image leaked some time ago
    Kr patch arch on retention effects
    Arch also seems to bring new passive skills for the Transcended, as seen in the 2nd Preview.

Preview 1Swordright


Preview 2Swordright


Preview 3Swordright


Preview 4Swordright


Preview 5Swordright



  1. Mentioned by the Devs in their pre-patch notes, link
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