This patch brings us:

  • Guide for daily rewards
  • Improved ally management, now with icons instead of buttons
  • Package-only Store

Original patch notes can be found here.

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New Features

  • A button [접속 보상] was added to the lobby which shows a simple pop up window with the daily rewards.
    Kr patch daily reward guide button
  • All buttons in the ally inventory have been replaced.
    Kr patch new ally lobby buttons

    (from l-r) Details, Inventory, Enhance, Ratings

    Additionally, the buttons [Skill Enhance] and [Level Up] were removed from the ally lobby
  • A shop button exclusive for payment packages has been added.
Kr patch exclusive package shop buttonKr patch exclusive package shop


  • Tag Match AI enemies will now appear during low-Queue times (such as right after reset). Those enemies will apparently be easy to beat.
  • Reduced the number of mobs in the Tue and Thu Daily Dungeon
  • Exclamation Icon They replaced all old buff icons that pop up (compare: CDR animation icon). They are viewable through the Skill Preview and we will add all of them in the next few days to Buffs in a seperate section.

GM Events

GM Events (5/18 - 5/24):
Login and get a SS Ally Summon (once a day)
Do 10 Dungeons and get 50 Tickets (once a day)
Do 2 Tag Matches and get 50 Shoes (once a day)
Do 2 Arena Matches and get 1 SSS Jewel Select (once a day)
Play Worl d Boss 5 times and recieve 3 Essence Summons (up to 3 times)

New Packages

A new user package, which is only available for accounts less than 30 days old, and a returning player package have been added to purchase. They cost 33,000 Won or 32,99$. Containments depend on IOS and Android users.

Additionally, a celebration package for the new shop has been added, which is available until the 23th May.

If you guys want to know the details for any of the packages and do not check them out yourself beforehand, let us know and we translate them. It can be derived from the pictures but who knows how many people actually pay here.