This patch brings us

  • Ally Storage Expansion
  • Triple Skill Cards to the smart shop
  • Damage adjustment in PvP modes

Original patch notes can be found here.

Skill Cards in Shop

Kr patch triple cards shop

While Skill Cards were already available in the smart shop, with this patch Triple Cards are also being added. They are accessible in the Store's "Consumable Items/Pet" section. They seem to replace the Duel Cards which were previously sold there.

To purchase a triple card, one pays 50 Ruby rendered per purchase, with a continuous purchase price reduction of 45 Ruby rendered each.

The shop will present the player with the 4 main attributes to choose from (Dex, Int, Str & Sta). The chosen attribute will be the only definite stat on the newly acquired card. The remaining two stats are still random.
They are added to the Character's inventory after purchase.


  • Ally Storage maximum increases from 150 to → 170
  • Faster pace for the game modes: Nightmare, Arena, Guild Battle & Fortress Battle
    • Basically, you may know of the damage amplifications being applied in set intervals. Read about it in a bit more detail →Guild Battle (introduction)
      Because with the Ch5 damage rework battles have been lasting too long, they are shortening the intervals between each amplification. They did not mention details but for effective and faster battles they should also have increased the damage that is gained per interval. Anyhow, the result is that more damage occurs in PvP and thus battles should end faster.
  • Calydon +50% acculmulation point Event until 8th June
  • Jewelry Summon 1+1 until 30th May
  • 2 new Packages, as alaways, let us know if you want them translated.

GM Events

GM Events (5/25 - 5/31): (once a day)
Login and recieve 3 Essence Summons
Do 10 Dungeon runs and recieve 50 Tickets
Do 2 Arena matches and recieve 50 Shoes
Do 2 Tag Matches and recieve a SS Ally Summon