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Attendance changes

Kr patch december attendance update

December attendance has been adjusted to match the player's needs and progress, however, it is not clear whether those changes are permanent, although it is more than likely.

  • 28th day -> Key Choice or 10 SSS + 100 Essence Choice
  • 21st day -> Deity Choice or 5 SSS, instead of the Hero Choice

It comes into effect with December the 1st.

full attendance to be added with the 1st

Balance Changes

Transcended Chaser Tracy and Bliss Foxy have been sligtlty adjusted. Visit the article and watch out for the green passages.
A comparative table is not necessary (but will be added in the course of the week regardless) since the changes are small, and GL will get them immediatly with their implemenation anyways.

« Read main article Transcended Bodens.


  • Essence Drop
    • doubled across all chapters permanently
    • also applied to Guild Occupy and Plunder
  • Shariet buffed once more
    • Flint says in a vague manner that the point scoring has been optimized and adjusted as well as the strength of the Varman Family re-balancedy[1]
  • Black Friday Sale and Shabelle's Sanctuary ending
  • Essence Sale
    • 10 SSS Essence Pack (Light/Hero/Titan): 180 rubies [10% OFF] -> 140 rubies [30% OFF]
    • 50 SSS Essence Pack (Light/Hero/Titan): 800 rubies [20% OFF] -> 600 rubies [40% OFF]
    • 10 U Essence Pack (Transcendental Essence): 540 rubies [10% OFF] -> 420 rubies [30% OFF]
    • 50 U Essence Pack (Transcendental Essence): 2400 rubies [20% OFF] -> 1800 rubies [40% OFF]
    • Sale period: November 29th ~ December 29th [2016][2]
  • Eli
    • all rewards doubled (including the combo reward when owning scarlet tia) for 29.Nov ~ 29.Dec


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