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Geb, the Wild Wanderer


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Exalted Geb Icon Role DPS
Exalted Geb raw
Weapons Dagger, Dagger
New Rogue card
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  1. Earthen Strike (PHY/Melee) (Active 1)
     Deals 12700% damage to 1 enemy and eliminates all buffs. If the enemy is not a boss-type, remove them from the battlefield for 10.1s [Tier 2]. [CD: 16.1s]
  2. Earthquake Induction (PHY/Ranged) (Active 2)
     Deals 5500% damage to all enemies and triggers an earthquake after 2.1s. The earthquake deals 4800% damage to 1 enemy, deals another 4800% damage to all enemies, and inflicts 3529% damage every second for 10s as a bleeding effect. [CD: 33.7s]
  3. Indiscriminate Assault (PHY/Melee)(Active 3)
    Geb mentally prepares for an assault for 0.9 seconds, then unleashes a torrent of attacks on all enemies, stunning them [Tier 2] and dealing 11800% damage per attack.
  4. Refreshing Earth (Passive 1)
     Increase physical damage by 136%, with a further 14% per enhancement level. Upon entering the battlefield in 10v10 Arena, for 20 seconds become immortal, gain immunity, and go into stealth [Tier 2].
  5. A Curved Life (Passive 2)
    Increase critical damage by 384. All enemies hit by Geb's indiscriminate attacks and skills receive 151% more melee damage for 25s and causes blindness(?)
  6. Ambush (Passive 3)
     Increase DEX by 128%. Except for normal attacks, each attack grants Geb stealth for 5s [Tier 2]. When on Arch Buster Preah (Physical), increases Preah's DEX by 50%.
  7. Rough Rider (Max Passive)
    [Base] Increase ranged damage by 78%.
    [MAX] Increased ranged damage by 297%. When Geb is in stealth, increase his damage by 870% and attack speed by 155%.
  8. Earthquake Rush (Ult Passive)
    [Base] Increase DoT damage by 90%.
    [ULT] Increase DoT damage by 315%. When using 'Earthquake Induction (A2)', double Geb's damage and enemies are unable to receive heals for 10s. Also in 10v10 Arena, increase STA of all rogues in the party by 89%, with a further 44% per rogue in the party.
  9. Buried Truth (Arch Passive)
    [Base] Increase physical damage by 113%.
    [ARCH] Increase physical damage by 359%, and during stealth gains 100% lifesteal as a buff [Tier 3]. In the 10v10 Arena, using 'Indiscriminate Assault (A3)', instantly kills 1 enemy every 10s [Tier 2], and increases physical damage of rogues in the party by 1040% and reduce AoE damage received by 50% per rogue in the party. When on Arch Buster Preah (Physical), increase Preah's physical damage by 25% and critical damage by 25.
  10. Boldness of the Exile (PHY/Ranged) (Infinity Passive)
    When using 'Indiscriminate Assault (A3)', Geb is not attacked by enemies during the 0.9s mental state. In the 10v10 Arena, friendly rogues in the party gains 37% skill cooldown reduction, and gains immunity. Also in the 10v10 Arena, upon entering the battlefield, Geb only receives 1 damage for the first 7 enemy attacks, and increases melee damage of rogues in the party by 1360% and further reduce AoE damage received to Geb by 100% per rogue in the party. Seperately, Geb's physical damage increases by 380%%, STA by 145%, further increasing physical damage by 61% and STA by 29% per Infinity Enhancement level.
  11. Normal Attack (PHY/Ranged/AoE) Attacks an enemy and does damage to nearby enemies.

Infinity Skills:

  • Increase Physical Damage by 900%.
  • Increase Melee Damage by 900%.
  • Increase Max HP by 135%

Character Skill:

  • PLACEHOLDER (Infinity+1): Increase skill damage by 1920%, and STA by 154%. Increase the DEX of friendly rogues by 54% and further reduce AoE damage to Geb by 50% per rogue in the party.

Ennead Retentions + Accessory

Retention Name Retention Effect Base MAX ULT ARCH Allies
Ennead Executors Increased ATK Power 22% 66% 112% 156% Isis, Osiris, Anubis, Horus, Nephthys
Brothers Increased Def Pen 96% 288% 480% 672% Osiris, Set
Warm-Hearted Men Increased Melee ATK Power 16% 48% 80% 112% Anubis, Set, Geb
Beauties Increased Buff strBuff dexBuff int 12% 36% 60% 84% Isis, Hathor, Nut, Nephthys
Be Two Together Increased Defense 12% 38% 64% 88% Hathos, Horus
Goodbye For You Increased Ranged ATK Power 12% 38% 64% 88% Nut, Geb
Achievement Name Requirement Accessory Name
The legendary Ennead is united Obtain all the Ennead heros The Legacy of the Enlightened Ennead
Legend of the Divine Ennead's power Enhance all the Ennead heroes to MAX The Legacy of the Divine Ennead
Legend of the infinite power of the Ennead Enhance all the Ennead heroes to ULT The Legacy of the Infinite Ennead
Legend of the Eternal power of the Ennead Enhance all the Ennead heroes to ARCH The Legacy of the Eternal Ennead

The Fifth! May Events

May 5th Events KR

These events will start post-maintenance 5/2 and run until maintenance on 5/30 KST

Special 2-Week Attendance (5/2-5/22)

Day Reward Day Reward
1 1x Random INF 8 5x Burning Capsules
2 5x Burning Capsules 9 5,000 T-Ess
3 500x Rune Fragments 10 500x T-Weapon Fragments
4 5x Alteration Cards 11 5x Joker Cards
5 500x Buster Fragments 12 500x Dragon Buster Parts
6 5,000 Shoes 13 50x Souls
7 25,000 Rubies 14 2x Random INF

Double Favor Points (5/2-5/22)

  • The Daily Favor you get will now grant 30 Points of Favor instead of 15. (WOW! Yea...I know)

Tihi Odyssey Missions (5/3-5/8)

  • Tihi Odyssey Missions will reward both Rubies & Gold. One Tihi Odyssey Mission will appear each day, and if successful will award you with rubies.

Dice Event (5/9-5/23)

  • Stay Tuned!

Resource Conquest (5/11-5/30)

  • Stay Tuned!

Guild Weekly WB - Odin

Guild World Boss Odin
  • Odin WB Will open for a Preliminary Round 5/2 - 5/5 KST
  • To Celebrate the new WB, everyone who logs in from 5/2-5/12 will receive 1x Random INF
Odin WB Team Setup
  • The Guild WB is able to be challenged 10 times a week, extra challenges can be bought with rubies.
  • Each fight will last 5 minutes
  • You will bring with you, 1x MC + 4x Allies + 5x Helpers
  • Odin is vulnerable to Single-Target Attacks and PHY damage. The key allies to use are the ones below that have gotten reworks specifically for this boss encounter.

Odin WB Ally Reworks

  • Below will be allies who are receiving additional buffs that better equip them for the Odin Guild WB encounter.
    The Guild Siege/Occupation buffs on Windlune/Selene have been changed to Odin WB. Also, although there are large sections of green text which signifies changes, this is to compare them to the 6-2/Global versions since these units are fairly unused and unknown to most people. All that was added/changed was text relating to Odin WB.
Windlune (Archer)
Dignity of the Queen (P2) Upon entering the battlefield for the first time, Windlune vanishes for 9 seconds. Also, silences one enemy for 9 seconds and causes them to receive 40% additional damage. Can only be used once per battle. During battle against Odin WB, increase attack power by 540% and ranged damage by 480%. 'Yggdrasil's Rage (A1)' deals 9x damage to Odin (instead of 3x).
Queen's Presence (P3) Always use 'Wrath of Yggdrasil' first when entering the battlefield. Increases Windlune's Boss damage by 628% and Ranged damage by 390%. Further increase her Ranged damage by 16% per additional enhancement. During battle against Odin WB, 'Death Sentence (A2)' deals 8x more(?) damage ignoring conditions.
Merciless Queen (ARCH) The great queen dominates the battle against Odin.

Windlune's normal attacks do 14900% additional damage to Boss-type enemies. Increase allied units PHY damage by 311% in Guild Plunder and Conquest.During the battle against Odin WB, 'Yggdrasil's Rage' and 'Death Sentence' deal 12x damage ignoring conditions.

Absolute Strength (INFINITY) Reduces Windlune's Active Skill cooldown speed by 5%, and increases her physical damage by 820% and ranged damage by 230%, further increasing her physical damage by 17% and ranged damage by 28% per additional Infinity Enhancement. During battle against Odin WB, increase attack power by 380%, further increasing by 58% per Infinity Enhancement. Each time 'Noble Being (A3)' is used, increase DEX by 132%, physical damage by 349%, and ranged damage by 421% [Tier 2], stacking up to 15 times. 'Yggdrasil's Rage' and 'Death Sentence' deal 12x more(?) damage ignoring conditions.
Chaser Tracy (Archer)
Protector of the Forest (P3) Increase Chaser Tracy's PHY damage by 420% and STA by 80%. Also, increase Chaser Tracy's PHY damage by 15% per enhancement level. During the battle against Odin WB, 'Emblem of a Hunter (A1)' and 'Forest Sniper (A3)' deals 3x more damage.
Explode! (ARCH) Explosive mines can detect enemies in [Tier 2] stealth, ignore immunity, and have an increased chance of being attacked. When triggered, removes all [Tier 2] buffs when the landmine explodes, stunning nearby enemies for 3s [Tier 2]. Traps are directly applied to Boss-Type Units and increases their exploding damage by 5x. Also, increase Chaser's Tracy's PHY damage by 470, reduces melee damage received by 200%, and is immune to instant kills.
During the battle against Odin WB, 'Emblem of a Hunter' and 'Forest Sniper' deals 5x more damage. Also, using 'Emblem of a Hunter' will increase DEX by 154%, PHY damage by 395%, single target damage by 452%, stacking up to 10 times [Tier 2]. 0.8s after 'Emblem of a Hunter' is used, it's skill cooldown is reduced by 70%.
A Sniper's Pride (INFINITY) Increases the party's ATK by 245% and DEX by 245%. Increases Chaser Tracy's single attack damage by 170%, ranged damage by 140%, STA by 90%, and reduces melee damage received by 600%. Also, increase Chaser Tracy's ranged damage by 29% and STA by 15% per Infinity enhancement. When using 'Explosive Land Mind (A2)", Tracy gains a [Tier 2] buff that grants immunity and reduces damage received by 50% for 7s. During the battle against Odin WB, Chaser Tracy's DEX increases by 587%, physical damage by 1984%, skill damage by 1887%, boss damage by 1964. Additionally, 'Emblem of a Hunter' and 'Forest Sniper' deals 10x more damage.
Selene (Archer)
Ready to Snipe (P3) Increase Selene's Ranged Attack Power by 150%. Also, for each additional enhancement, further increase Selene's Ranged Attack Power by 12%.During the battle against Odin WB, 'Precision Shot (A3)' deals 12x more damage, and after 0.8s reduce it's skill cooldown by 70%.
Lock On! (MAX) Increases Selene's Boss damage by 484%, PHY damage by 214% and MG damage by 214%. During the battle against Odin WB, each time Selene uses 'Precision Shot' increase her DEX by 563%, Attack Power by 545%, Normal Attack power by 814% and Single-Target damage by 487% [Tier 2], stacking up to 15 times.
Musket Master (ARCH) Increase Selene's Boss damage by 448% and Normal Attack Power by 1500% when in 'Camouflage'. Also, each time Selene uses 'Precision Shot', increase allied Normal Attack Power by 231%, Single-target Attack power by 244% and PHY damage by 219% [Tier 2], stacking up to 12 times. During the battle against Odin WB, 'Precision Shot' deals 24x more damage.
Perfect Shot (INFINITY) Increase Selene's Single-target damage by 200% and Ranged damage by 460%. Also, for each additional Infinity enhancement, further increase her Ranged damage by 24%. During the battle with Odin WB, increase her Attack power by 800% and an additional 80% for each Infinity enhancement. Additionally, each time she uses 'Precision Shot', increase the PHY damage of allied units 255%, Ranged damage by 398% and Random Additional damage by 344% [Tier 2], stacking up to 12 times.
Ravengale (Incanter)
Mercy (P2) Increases party members' melee ATK by 29% and PHY ATK by 24%. During battle against Odin WB, increase party members' boss damage by 558%, physical damage by 484%, and single target damage by 545%.
Evil Energy (ULT) Increases the 'Corrupted Strength's (A1)' Boss damage by an additional 544% and PHY ATK by 614%. Also summons 1 extra Izarc of the Red Armor when summoning Bodyguard Izarc. During the battle against Odin WB, increase the buff from 'Corrupted Strength' by 8x
Corrupted Specter (ARCH) Increase the Boss damage of entire allied party by 678%. Further increase Boss damage by 54% for every Summon in the party's control. Additionally, increase ATK of Izarcs by 12x. Also, when using 'Fallen Power' increase Izarc Attack Power by 539% and Melee Damage by 218% [Tier 2], stacking up to 12 times. During the battle against Odin WB, 'Corrupted Strength' increases attack power by 4500% and critical damage by 4500.
Perfect Guardian (INFINITY) During the battle against Odin WB, for all allies increase physical damage by 1875%, single target damage by 1987, and boss damage by 1959%. Additionally, using 'Bodyguard Izarc (A3)' increases the party DEX/ATKSPD(??) by 458% [Tier 2], stacking up to 8 times.
Storm Bear (Warrior)
Rampage (P1) Unlocks "Rampage" upon full Rage. When in Rampage, all enemies' attacks concentrate on Storm Bear (taunt) for 30 seconds. Additionally, for every second during its duration, increases his ATK by 64% but loses 5% of his HP.

During "Rampage", he cannot use "Soul's Roar" or receive shields. His attacks inflict 1414% bleeding damage for 5s [Tier 2], that ignores immunity and stealth. When his HP reaches 0 or the duration of this skill ends, it returns him to his HP before "Rampage". During the battle against Odin WB, Storm Bear gains Stealth during Rampage, not being attacked by enemies and gaining immunity.

Dragon Soul (P2) Gains 2 Rage every time he is attacked. Also reduces enemy's Defense Penetration by 40% and Storm Bear's received damage by 20%. During the battle against Odin WB, when attacked Storm Bear gains full Rage and immediately goes into "Rampage" mode.
Immortal Being (ULT) Increases Melee damage by 118% for entire allied party. When using "Power of Flame", increases PHY damage by 445% for himself. The stun and anti-heal effects of 'Dragon Slayer (A1)' and 'The Power of the Flame (A2)' become [Tier 2], and ignores stealth and immunity. During the battle against Odin WB, during "Rampage" increase friendly allies boss damage by 386% [Tier 2], stacking up to 6 times.
Unbridled Rage (ARCH) Decreases the entire enemy party's ATK by 67%. Additionally, grants 510% increased physical damage and 330% increased STA while in "Rampage". When "Rampage" ends, MAX HP increases by 100% for 30s, and damage received is reduced by 25% [Tier 2]. During the battle against Odin WB, when going into "Rampage" increase friendly allies except for self by 368%, increase self skill damage by 556% [Tier 2], stacking up to 9 times.
Wrathful Spirit (INFINITY) Reduces Storm Bear's Active Skill Cooldowns by 5%, MAX HP and DEF by 100%, received critical damage by 70%, and is immune to instant death. Increases the party's PHY damage by 190%, STA by 90%, MAX HP by 350%, and reduced ranged damage by 250%. Also, increases the party's PHY damage by 29% and STA by 10% for each Infinity enhancement. While in Rampage, increase Melee damage by 220% [Tier 2]. When entering the battlefield, Storm Bear inflicts a [Tier 2] debuff that reduces enemies attack power by 50% for 9s ignoring immunity and stealth, except for boss-type monsters and only activates once per battle. During the battle against Odin WB, increases damage enemies receive by 1820% until the end of the battle.
Blazeater (Priest)
Soul Restorer (P2) While Exodus is summoned, recover all allied health by 3005%, increase PHY damage by 655%, and Buff boss damage by 892% for 24.4s. This effect can overlap twice. During the battle against Odin WB, when Exodus is summoned 1 enemy receives 337% more physical damage [Tier 2], stacking up to 5 times. Additionally, remove all Tier 2 debuffs on friendly allies, and grants immunity for 10.4s [Tier 2].
Eternal Blaze Eater (ARCH) During the battle against Odin WB, each time 'Abysmal Stigma (A2)' is used, remove all Tier 2 debuffs, increases the Main Stat by 95%, skill damage by 334%, and ranged damage by 386% [Tier 2] for all friendly allies, stacking up to 15 times.
The True Eternal Soul (INFINITY) At the end of 'Soul Eater', regenerate 229% of the entire party's health for 24.2 seconds and a 320% Melee Damage buff, this effect can overlay up to 5 times. For each additional INFINITE enhancement, increase the Melee Damage by 38%. During the battle against Odin WB, each time 'Abysmal Siphon (A1)' is used, give 8.4s of Invulnerability [Tier 2] to the friendly party. Additionally, it also increases boss damage by 483%, physical damage by 497%, and single-target damage by 484% to the friendly party, stacking up to 20 times.
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