The Official patch notes can be found, HERE

Challenger Dungeon Floor 87

Challenger Dungeon has been extended from Floor 82 to Floor 87 and resembles the Argo area from Asgard.

The achievement/reward for exploring Challenger Dungeon will be available once all areas of Asgard are opened.

Burning Event

Event will be held from 1/3 to 1/9 KST

  • The consumption of the Burning Gauge is reduced by 25% every day from 12:00-20:00 KST (8 Hours).

Escaped Calydon Event

Event will be held from 1/3 to 1/10 KST (until Maintenance)

  • Transcended Calydon have escaped with treasures!
  • You can collect 50 Normal Pig Boxes and 10 Rare Pig Boxes each day
  • You CAN collect Pigs from Hands-Off
  • From 1/3 to 1/9 there is a special world buff that has a 100% increase chance for these Calydon to appear in Challenger dungeons, they are from 20:00-22:00 KST.
Rare Calydon Chest Drop Rate Normal Calydon Chest Drop Rate
100x T-Ess 20% 15x T-Ess 20%
300x T-Ess 8% 30x T-Ess 9%
1,000x T-Ess 2% 1x SSS Ally 18%
2x Random Souls 20% 1x Random Soul 6%
5x Random Souls 8% 5 Million Gold 20%
10x Random Souls 2% 10x Rune Fragments 9%
20 Million Gold 16% 3x Trans. Weapon Fragments 9%
30x Rune Fragments 8% 3x Skill Card Fragments 9%
10x Trans. Weapon Fragments 8%
10x Skill Card Fragments 8%