Full patch notes can be found, HERE

Trans Calydon Surprise Event

The event will be held from 4/4 until 4/11 KST

  • Also, during this event, Calydon points will be acquired 50% faster

Soul Conversion Discount

Event will be held from 4/4 until 4/10 KST

  • Between 18:00 - 24:00 KST, the cost of Soul Conversion will be reduced by 50%, from 20 Million down to 10 Million Gold.

Gold Chest Update

The ruby-purchased gold has been updated.

  • 100 Million Gold for 300 Rubies
  • 500 Million Gold for 1500 Rubies
  • 2 Billion Gold for 6,000 Rubies

Resource Conquest Continues

Event will be held from 3/23 until 4/11 KST

  • Event will be ending at Maintenance on 4/11
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