The Official patch notes can be found, HERE.

Challenger Dungeon Expanded

CD Floor 92

After maintenance, Challenger Dungeon will be expanded from Floor 87 to Floor 92!

These floors are similar to the Adventure Area, Forbidden Land from the Asgard map.

April Fool's Day Gift Event

  • Event will ONLY be held from 00:00 - 23:59 KST on April 1st
  • Full event details are still a mystery

If you don't login during that time frame, "you snooze you lose".

Resource Conquest Season 1

Event will be held from 3/23 until 4/11 KST

  • Register on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Game Mode is active Monday through Friday
  • Event will end with Maintenance on 4/11, so that weeks progress will end early (a day early).
  • Rewards are handed out in accordance to TIME HELD of each node, so even conquering a node for a few hours is worth.

Kvassir Raid Continues

Event will be held from 3/21 until 4/4 KST

  • Event will continue for one more week
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