Now that the dust is starting to settle with the new Dragon Blaze Korea, Season 6: A New World, we are wanting to turn our heads back to the Wikia and give it some much love and, needed, attention.

Over the last few months, basically since Browse left, there has been numerous additions to the features in Dragon Blaze (KR), with the removal and reworks of just a few.  However, Season 6 sought to make this list MUCH longer and basically do a fresh, retake, on its earlier roots.

That being said, we need some help and direction, from both Korean and Global Region players.  There are TONS of pages and articles on the Wikia, some of which are vastly outdated and need either: Updates (Missing Current Information), Reworks (Completely Changed), or Removal (Outdated Information that is either Wrong or Gone).

This is where YOU guys/gals come into play.  Instead of us going through EVERY page ourselves, a very tedious and mostly ineffective task, we'd like for you guys to give us some direction on what needs changed. 

In the comments below, please give a Short Description of what needs to be changed and a Wikia link to that article.  We'll use this to go through, albeat slowly, each article and give it the attention it needs, in a fairly efficient manner.


Main Character Pages - Needs A Rework and Update

We do ask, however, that we keep conversation out of the comments for this specific topic.  We are using the comments as a guide on what to focus on and how urgent we need to address specific articles.

We are very excited about the game Post-Season 6.  There are many promising features and happy for the "breath of fresh air" that was recently brought into the game.  We hope everyone continues to visit and enjoy the Wikia as well.

Thank you :)

-DB Wikia Team